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1 Powerslave Powerslave

This song has two solos, which were designed of an amazing form, they represent Adrian and Murray's virtuosity. The first one it introduces us to a condition of peaceful, the beauty of this one only captures the attention of the person who is listening. The second solo shows a perfect balance between melody and the speed. Both are impressive, demonstrating one of the most beautiful compositions in the golden age of Iron Maiden.

Three solos actually, first Murray then Adrian and then Murray again. - Userguy44

Have to agree with this love the solo's it was a close run thing with caught somewhere in time but this just edged it - kieros

This song actually has 3. All three of them kick major ass. Adrian's can often be forgotten because it's smack dab in the middle of the song between two of the greatest solos of Dave Murray's career. Think of it as the glue between two separate moods.

Two great consecutive solos that are both very different from each other, yet bridged together perfectly. The first five seconds of Adrian Smith's solo alone is enough to give one goosebumps.

2 Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the Opera

I'm c ing them 2nite. Can't wait. I hope they play this. - InsertNameHere

Love the classic album. Dickinson Madien is still great. But Dano,s where its at

3 Dance of Death Dance of Death

One of the best guitar solos I've never heard.

Haven't heard too many maiden songs, but I've heard many songs in general to know that this song should be higher! Sickest guitar solo I've heard anyways

Until the time came to reunite us both my spirit!

This deserves to be higher. 3 solos and all are great.

4 Hallowed Be Thy Name

Powerslave is close, but for me this is the most awe-inspiring and epic guitar solo ever. It gives me GOOSEBUMPS. This is the greatest song of all time.

This guitar solo is legendary! Whenever I hear this song, I can't help but to want to listen to the solo over and over again. It's solos like this one that makes Iron Maiden so incredible.

My all-time favorite of Maiden! Great effort and a joy to watch live indeed

5 Alexander the Great


The solos are amazing in this piece. gives me the shivers EVERY time I hear it. I have every Maiden album and this song by far has the most compelling and virtuosity of solos than most Maiden songs...though the others on this list are extremely good. Adrian and Steve are Gers as well.

One of the more underrated Iron Maiden songs and solos. This is definitely in my top 5 Maiden songs.

Most underrated Iron Maiden solo. This should be neck and neck with Powerslave, which is at #1.

6 The Trooper

This is probaly the best song of iron maiden. I could hear it every day and not get tired of it. This song really rocks my world! Up the Irons!

Oh this guitar solo is epic! It beats powerslave by miles that one is far too long this one rocks! Come on you irons! - cameronbrown

Best Iron Maiden solo! Fear of the Dark and Wasting Love are good solos too... but they are more emotional than speed!

The trooper is a guitar solo very good, I like very why is good!

7 Killers

These riffs are killer just like album. Fast and furious with nice little duo at the end.To me this album was the inspiration for the ensuing thrash metal scene.


8 Aces High


This needs to be higher. - Userguy44

On no other song have I heard such a perfect ratio of soloing to musical sense. This really adds something to the music, instead of being a flurry of notes there simply to show off the musician's prowess.

Not only a fantastic solo, but it fits the song seamlessly, the solo is like a spectacular dogfight! It's a yes from me!

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9 Stranger In a Strange Land

Best solo ever. I actually get myself into the posture without my knowledge and imitate adrain :P

Starts slow, melodic, fitting perfectly with the atmosphere the song tries to bring you, and then it starts to speed up to end with a climax. Adrian Smith at his best.

The Adrian Smith solo in this track is my favorite Iron Maiden solo of all time

My favorite.

10 Wasted Years

This song has a great riff, probably Adrian smiths greatest solo, Steve Harris’s most underrated baseline, and awesome drum fills.
This song is awesome

Best solo ever

Mainly due to punching in solo for a while when singing Bruce...

It just fits the whole feel of the song so perfectly.


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11 Caught Somewhere In Time

Possibly the greatest metal solo of all time. No debate

14, really? Iron maiden is the palm of my hand. Solos on the song powerslave, Alexander the great, Rime of... ,stranger.. ,wasted years, flight of... and many many more... Doesn't match up to this song. Mind blowing Solos from both Dave and Adrian, they have thrown every guitar trick in your face and slapped you hard with it. Awesome solo. Hear again and vote friends.

What!?!? This should definitely be higher its one of the most epic solos the world has ever heard.

One of Metals best solos, and it's only 13th. I am sickened.

12 Fear of The Dark

Love the intro on this one awesome song

13 Afraid to Shoot Strangers

Most beautiful solo.

No doubt best guitar solo. Maybe not the most technical solo, but definitely sound. One of the first bits I learned to play on my guitar. I can't understand why it is ranked so low.

Dave shows why he's the best at what he does in this song alone

Good solo this should be top 5

14 The Number of the Beast

WO YAY, LOVE IRON MAIDEN, IRON MAIDEN 4 ever I LOVE YOU IRON MAIDEN, WO ok ill stop, this is one of their greatest Iron maiden solos ever, how can't you love iron maiden? Laugh out loud, peace!

How can this be rated this low?!
This is the best maiden solo ever!
Since I can't use the f-word,
To hell with you all!

15 To Tame a Land
16 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

How is this not on the list, the part leading up to this is so epic! And the solo itself... GODLIKE, enough said

Since "The Wickerman" is not included in the list (God knows why..) I'll vote for my second best solo; excuse me, I meant _series_ of solos. An epic song, an even more epic series of solos, particularly by Adrian Smith. Maiden at its best, with all the vocal & guitar melodies & harmonies and a "boom-busting" rhythm.

Metal cheers from Greece,

17 Blood Brothers

Come on people... this one deserves to be one in the top 10... both janick's and dave's solos move me... every time I listen to their solos, they give me goosebumps... they are just too awesome...

Janick's solo is mind blowing!

18 No More Lies

I think this is the best

19 Infinite Dreams

How was this not on the list. It has a fantastic solo that really emphasises the songs mood. - IronSabbathPriest

20 Sign of the Cross

La verdad esque si

Yep, this one! The Sign of The Cross. Who doesn't like this one. Maybe it isn't the longest solo. Maybe a couple of seconds long. But this is just an awesome solo. Love the guitars and vocals. (it is blaze bayley so what!? )

Anyway I like bruce dickinson more but this is just awesome

The best solo for me. Great bass in the background. So this song has for me the best solo of all. Also like the Dance of Death solo but this is just the best solo of all! UP THE IRONS!

Very, very awesome solo. I remember that I used to hate this album, but I still loved this solo. (now, I think this album is awesome)

21 Ghost of the Navigator
22 Run to the Hills

this solo is awesome! I haven never heard a marvel like this one - rock2metal

23 The Nomad

Such a WONDERFUL and beautiful solo! It is the best instrumental section in any Maiden song in my opinion, I love it! - ethany

Great solo. It is beautiful.

24 Rime of the Ancient Mariner

These solos are just pure epicness that contribute to the song as a whole!

Happy Birthday Adrian Smith!

25 The Prisoner

Can this solo be any more EPIC? It's both Dave and Adrian's best solo ever. I just love it. - Origri

I love the energy coming from Adrian in this solo it's damn near impossible to not get goosebumps during it

Deserves to be much much higher... This strnger in a stange land, hallowed be thy name, phantom of the opera, dance of death and loneliness o the long distance runner have the best solos in my opinion - wolphert

Top 5 for sure.

26 Brave New World

It's just... Perfect 4 little solos in one

27 Paschendale

Dave, Janick and especially Adrian sounds are great in this song!

28 The Duelists

A real duel between two great guitarists

This should seriously be higher.

29 Flight of Icarus

Simple and great

30 Children of the Damned

An epic solo from a very underrated song. - Songsta41

A great and underrate solo with an awesome tapping part in it. - zxm

Great solo but the sample isn't representative...

31 Prowler

Way too low

32 For the Greater Good of God
33 The Evil That Men Do
34 The Clairvoyant

Honestly can't believe this isn't higher. Gives me chills every time. That's the only way I can describe it!

35 From Here to Eternity
36 2 Minutes to Midnight

This and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son are the most underrated maiden solos.

37 The Ides of March

This has the best solo ever oh yeah I forgot the whole thing is a solo my favorite song /wrathchild on killers album. - caryrox16

38 22 Acacia Avenue

One of the best solos of Iron Maiden.

39 Mother Russia
40 When the Wild Wind Blows
41 No Prayer for the Dying
42 Iron Maiden

There is no guitar solo in this song

43 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

By far one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs right behind Wasted Years

44 Wasting Love
45 The Duellists

The double guitar solo is awesome

46 The Clansman
47 El Dorado
48 The Man Who Would Be King
49 The Unbeliever

Very good groovy solo

50 Weekend Warriors

Nice solo and really good interlude

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