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21 Infinite Dreams

How was this not on the list. It has a fantastic solo that really emphasises the songs mood. - IronSabbathPriest

22 Rime of the Ancient Mariner
23 Run to the Hills

this solo is awesome! I haven never heard a marvel like this one - rock2metal

24 Ghost of the Navigator
25 The Nomad

Such a WONDERFUL and beautiful solo! It is the best instrumental section in any Maiden song in my opinion, I love it! - ethany

Great solo. It is beautiful.

26 Brave New World

It's just... Perfect 4 little solos in one

27 Flight of Icarus
28 Children of the Damned

An epic solo from a very underrated song. - Songsta41

A great and underrate solo with an awesome tapping part in it. - zxm

Great solo but the sample isn't representative...

29 The Aftermath

Beautiful solo by Janick Gers one of his best not only that it sends a shiver down my spine absolutely wonderful, such an underrated solo

30 The Duelists

A real duel between two great guitarists

This should seriously be higher.

31 For the Greater Good of God
32 Prowler

Way too low

33 2 Minutes to Midnight
34 The Clairvoyant

Honestly can't believe this isn't higher. Gives me chills every time. That's the only way I can describe it!

35 The Ides of March

This has the best solo ever oh yeah I forgot the whole thing is a solo my favorite song /wrathchild on killers album. - caryrox16

36 The Evil That Men Do
37 When the Wild Wind Blows
38 22 Acacia Avenue

One of the best solos of Iron Maiden.

39 No Prayer for the Dying
40 Mother Russia
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