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1 For the Greater Good of God For the Greater Good of God

This is one of those songs that propitiates a deep reflection on your part. It is true that the chorus is repeated regularly at times, but it just adds to the strength of the message. I love this song, its solo, the lyrics and the message, especially the last verse to close. - denglongfist

Absolutely beautiful songwriting and vocals. UP THE IRONS!

3- Different World
5- The Longest Day
6- The Legacy
8- Lord Of Light
9- Out Of The Shadows
10- The Pilgrim

2 The Longest Day The Longest Day

God, this is not only the best song on the album, it's the best song by Maiden!
Especially the intro when Bruce sings "the cliff's errupting" and Nicko simulates the falling cliffs with his Tom's. Amazing!
And the "sliding we go... "-part is so perfect.
Should be played at every show!

Absolute spine chilling song and one of the best Iron Maiden chorus in my opinion, it has great chorus and instrumental that keeps you immersed for the whole song.

Dear God that chorus! I could listen to it for hours, literally. That epic riff and Bruce's godlike voice is orgasm to my ears. Easily on the top 10 Maiden songs ever.

Best intro of the album, I love how it builts up to the pre-chorus

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3 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

Has some of the best riffs I've ever heard and it tells a great story I like for the greater good of god and the longest day a lot but this is by far my favourite

An amazing riff in this song, a very under-rated Maiden track. It's a unique song for Maiden to an extent with a catchy ballad feel to it!

This may sound stupid but I love listening to this song while eating at McDonalds

This is such a pearl in a basket of relatively dull songs! - MassiveIron

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4 The Legacy The Legacy

This song is brilliant, the vocals at about 4 and a half minutes are absolutely haunting and I love it, and then those haunting vocals come back for the whole second half of the song that aren't just instrumentals, if you have yet to listen to this song please take the 9 and a half minutes it takes to make it through this absolute monster of a song, reminds me a lot of Natural Science by Rush and that's as good a compliment I can give any song. Arguably the best on the album.

Absolute top on this album! Not love at first hearing, but when you play it 10times (or hundreds times like me) you really fall in love with this one!

Has a good intro, and the jam part is also great. And when it kicks in it's even better. - IronSabbathPriest

This song is amazing. It's in my top 10 Maiden song. How the hell is it number 6?

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5 These Colours Don't Run These Colours Don't Run V 2 Comments
6 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

MY FAVOURITE BAND AND MY FAVOURITE SONG! For me, it's simply much better than Fear of The Dark or other great hit. Just listen, it will smash your mind!

In Most Iron Maiden Songs, most of it is good, but in this song I like everything in it.

This song is a masterpiece ;it should at least be in the top 2 of A Matter of life and death.
Besides, it is Iron Maiden's most powerful song by far and its message can clearly be understood at the very first listening.

7 Different World Different World

Great solo. I hate to see a song of this caliber be so low because people just vote for the long. Every song is solid on this album but this and the final frontier are the best album openers. No contest.

This song rocks I probably listen to it every day. Its not as good as hallowed be thy name number of the beast and phantom of the opera but it is so catchy and awesome! - cameronbrown

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8 Lord of Light Lord of Light

How is this at the bottom of the list?! Listen the whole way through and you will truly appreciate the quality of this song. In fairness though, this album has no bad songs but one has to be at the bottom and it shouldn't be this one.

Free your soul and let it fly ( best part of this song) it's a underrated song and why is pilgrim higher its not a bad song its just my least favorite from this album anyways you should listen to it more in my opinion it's a masterpiece

It just gets better and better the more you listen. A gem.

Deserves to be much higher. - IronSabbathPriest

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9 Out of the Shadows Out of the Shadows

Love the chorus. Maybe it's not their best, but still a very good song.

I think that the whole album is very, very good.

One of the best iron maiden song! Why not higher!?

10 The Pilgrim The Pilgrim V 1 Comment
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2. These Colours Don't Run
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1. For the Greater Good of God
2. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
3. The Longest Day
1. The Longest Day
2. For the Greater Good of God
3. The Legacy

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