Best Songs On Iron Maiden's No Prayer for the Dying


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1 Mother Russia Mother Russia

A really good guitar work, this song is amazing, very underrated!

2 No Prayer for the Dying No Prayer for the Dying

It has an awesome bass riff and a great guitar solo but I think mother Russia deserves no. 1

3 Fates Warning Fates Warning
4 Tailgunner Tailgunner

This is stupid I love this song
Nail that fokker kill that sun I'm going to blow ya guts out with my gun its catchy this should be 1 I like this album but some songs are weird

Songs I like 1-3 6-7 9-10

I hate three songs and never had on any album I never even hated 2 usally 1 but I am still a iron maiden fan I hope they releade a new album soon because the final fronteir isn't the last album

5 Holy Smoke Holy Smoke V 4 Comments
6 Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter

Why not number 1 I don't have to say anything song speaks for its self

7 Run Silent Run Deep Run Silent Run Deep

I don't understand why this album is hated or consider the worst Iron Maiden album although the songs are better than average. This is my alternate way of saying that this is the least recognized Iron Maiden album. - Brightside

8 The Assassin The Assassin

This may be the worst maiden album but still 8 songs on here are good and I love this song so much

Come on. You cannot call it the worst Iron Maiden album. It is underrated and nothing less. - Brightside

Its sad that everyone hates this and hooks in you. They're very good songs.
But I still think mother Russia is the best

9 Public Enema Number One Public Enema Number One V 1 Comment
10 Hooks In You Hooks In You

Never understood the hate on this song. - IronSabbathPriest

Its pretty catchy and its not bad

Love it why does everyone hate it it's the second best in my opinion from this album

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1. No Prayer for the Dying
2. Run Silent Run Deep
3. Mother Russia
1. Run Silent Run Deep
2. No Prayer for the Dying
3. Mother Russia
1. Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter
2. Holy Smoke
3. Tailgunner

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