Top Ten Best Iron Maiden Singles Covers

Just rate the best picture for Iron Maiden singles (not the album of course)

The Top Ten

1 The Trooper

Eddie at his best The battlefield, the sword, the UK flag, the corpse, the dead behind, everything is in it! - Stranger

2 Wasted Years

This dashboard reminds me back to the future, it's a fact, it's inspired by the Delorean - Stranger

3 Stranger In a Strange Land

This guy is so cool with his western style! I love the bar, it reminds me the atmosphere of Star Wars when they get into the place with all the aliens - Stranger

4 2 Minutes to Midnight

A one-eyed man with the gun and a nuclear bomb on the background deserve to be in the top 3 for me! - Stranger

5 Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter

This sexy non face girl in the hands of Eddie is so lucky to be in the picture. - Stranger

6 Running Free

A dead end, a wall with great heavy metal bands and probably a murder to conclude. Nice painting - Stranger

7 The Number of the Beast

Victory for Eddie holding the head of the Evil surrounded by flames, nice cover... - Stranger

8 Run to the Hills

The final fight on a rock between the evil and the good, the bad or the ugly? :-) - Stranger

9 Aces High

The song of W. Churchill. Eddie in a Plane shooting Germans ennemy planes. Great war scene - Stranger

10 Different World

For a recent picture, it looks like the old ones. So great work - Stranger

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11 Hallowed Be Thy Name UListen to Sample
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