Top Ten Best Iron Maiden Song Since Bruce Dickinson's Return

In other words: from Brave New World until nowadays

The Top Ten Best Iron Maiden Song Since Bruce Dickinson's Return

1 Empire of the Clouds

Maybe not my favourite favourite song but I still listen to it 4 times a day. It gets my vote though, because bruce proved that even cancer can't kill the metal!

2 Paschendale

This should be #2, just after Dream of Mirrors

3 Dance of Death
4 The Wicker Man
5 Dream of Mirrors

It's best metal song ever.

6 The Talisman
7 When the Wild Wind Blows
8 Ghost of the Navigator
9 The Red and the Black
10 Satellite 15... the Final Frontier

The Contenders

11 For the Greater Good of God
12 Blood Brothers

Just unbelievable great lyrics and melody mixed with an amazing solo by Gers.. This should be #1

13 The Book of Souls

I love his voice on the chorus such emotion

14 Speed of Light
15 Coming Home
16 Different World
17 The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
18 Face in the Sand
19 Brave New World
20 The Fallen Angel
21 The Mercenary
22 The Nomad
23 Out of the Silent Planet
24 Age of Innocence
25 Gates of Tomorrow
26 Journeyman
27 Monts├ęgur
28 New Frontier
29 No More Lies
30 Rainmaker
31 Wildest Dreams
32 The Legacy
33 The Longest Day
34 Lord of Light
35 Out of the Shadows
36 The Pilgrim
37 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
38 These Colours Don't Run
39 The Alchemist
40 El Dorado
41 Starblind
42 Isle of Avalon
43 The Man Who Would Be King
44 Mother of Mercy
45 Death or Glory
46 The Great Unknown
47 If Eternity Should Fail
48 The Man of Sorrows
49 Shadows of the Valley
50 Tears of a Clown
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