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1 Rime of the Ancient Mariner Rime of the Ancient Mariner

This could be considered an opera. Three acts to the song, all the lyrics tell a story, the music drives the story, it's as close to perfection as I've ever heard a metal band get.

Remains my all time favourite, length has nothing to do with it

2 Dance of Death Dance of Death

the song the dance of death is just beautifully sang and played and when I just need to relax I play this song.

This song is amazing and bruce's awesome voice and the story is amazing and the song is pure awesomeness :) this song is the best iron maiden non-single 8-mintues song - nooreldeen

3 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
4 When the Wild Wind Blows

The consert in seffiled was just amazing. up the irons, I loved them eversince I was 2, now I'm 11. :D UP THE IRONS! WOOHO got it memoized? Laugh out loud this is annoying, come on Quality meter go up, ahh yes, tere we are

5 Sign of the Cross

Eleven Saintly Shrouded Men
Silhouettes Stand Against The Sky
One In Front With A Cross Held High
Come To Wash My Sins Away

Amazing Dark Intro...

Lost The Love Of Heaven Above
Chose The Lust Of The Earth Below
Eleven Saintly Shrouded Men
Come To Wash My Sins Away

Amazing Dark Outro...

Really good song love it. Blaze's vocals are really good. But I like the Bruce Dickinson version too. Just splendid this song

Sign of the cross is good only if it had more vocals because after the intro two long verses and the chorus twice its 6 minutes of guitar then the chorus twice and another verse!

The sign of the Cross
The name of the rose
A fire in the sky
The sign of the Cross

Epic, especially on Rock in Rio

6 Paschendale

My favorite Iron Maiden song, it tells a story which it’s mood can be detected by either lyrics or the wonderfully orchestrated instruments

7 Alexander the Great
8 Dream of Mirrors
9 Empire of the Clouds

The best song

18 minutes of music heaven. I'm surprised any song at all goes above this one... It's 18 minutes too less. Piano, guitar, violin, drums, all in place with the lyrics...

10 For the Greater Good of God

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11 The Talisman

This is an awesome song. The Final Frontier Album is very progressive and I like it. The other albums were great though too. This song should be a above the Clansmen.

12 The Clansman

The riff is brilliant! It doesn't actually matter whether it is Bruce or Blaze because I love maiden songs for their riffs! Lyrics are also good in this song, and so is the chorus! - teracom

This song is so epic and underrated. Both Blaze and Bruce does it awesome. - Origri

13 The Nomad
14 The Red and the Black

The red and the black,
All out of luck again,
How many chances can anyone have?
The red and the black,
Treachery out to win,
There in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

15 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
16 The Book of Souls

Awesome song, cool story line

Love this track - kieros

17 The Man Who Would Be King
18 The Legacy
19 Isle of Avalon
20 If Eternity Should Fail
21 The Wicker Man

It's 4 and a half minutes. - Alkadikce


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1. Empire of the Clouds
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1. Sign of the Cross
2. Paschendale
3. Dream of Mirrors

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