Best Iron Maiden Songs From The Album Brave New World

This list refers to one of my favourite albums of Iron Maiden "Brave New World". I like this album very much because all of the songs except "The Mercenary" and "Out Of The Silent Planet" are good. In this album there are some songs which I like very much. These songs are:
1) Blood Brothers
2) The Nomad
3) The Fallen Angel
4) The Thin Line Between Love & Hate
The most interesting thing about this album is the guitar! There are some excellent riffs and very good solos!

The Top Ten

1 Blood Brothers Blood Brothers

Excellent song from the Brave New World album. I wouldn't knock "The Mercenary" though, its still a very good song (the only downfall is that it is a little repetitive).

"Blood Brothers" is in my opinion the best song in this album! It's very very good! Surely one of my favourite songs of Iron Maiden. - NathanDrake

One of the best Iron Maiden songs! - Tylerlangford1234

2 The Nomad

"The Nomad" is an underestimated song of Iron Maiden! I find this song very good! It's Guitar is epic! The lyrics are very good! I can't understand why Iron Maiden never play this song live! This one is also one of my favourite songs of Iron Maiden! - NathanDrake


3 The Fallen Angel

"The Fallen Angel" is a very good song in my opinion! The Two things I like in this song very much is the rhythm and the lyrics. Like "The Nomad" this song is also underestimated and Iron Maiden never play this song live! - NathanDrake

4 The Wicker Man

Great vocals and solo's. The main riff is real simple but so bad ass!

This is a good song! I like the last 30 seconds of the song very much! - NathanDrake

5 Dream of Mirrors

This is a good song! I find it's lyrics really interesting! The problem in this song is the refrain! It's not good and they repeat it to much! - NathanDrake

6 The Thin Line Between Love & Hate

This song is very good! I like very much the guitar in this song! I hope Iron Maiden will play this song live in the future! Who knows, sometimes miracles happen in our world (joke)! - NathanDrake

7 Brave New World

This is a good song! I like the melody of this song! - NathanDrake

8 Ghost of the Navigator

This is a good song! I like the first riff very much! - NathanDrake

9 Out of the Silent Planet

Awesome song

This is an average song! I never liked it very much! - NathanDrake

Saying it's not that great is one thing, but you simply can't say it's plain and average. Listen to the riffs, the tempo changes, and the passion and realize it is more unique than any other song on the album. - Songsta41

10 The Mercenary

This is an average song! There is nothing special about this song! - NathanDrake

Ignore nathandrake thid song rocks ignore out of the silent planet too dumb ahole nathandrake

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