Iron Maiden Songs That Are Better Live


The Top Ten

1 Fear of the Dark

There's no reason for a studio version

One of the few songs were the fans play a huge part in making it amazing live. Shows how in touch maiden are with us

The audience chants at the beginning are necessary

The studio version aren't bad, is okay, but the damn live version is a unforgettable masterpiece

2 The Clansman

The Clansman is good in the studio, but better live with bruce

3 The Evil That Men Do
4 Running Free
5 Iron Maiden
6 Aces High
7 The Wicker Man

It's epic when Bruce sings Your Time Will Come and 250.000 people sing it with him

8 Hallowed Be Thy Name

I would go with the beast over hammersmith version of this for performance. But for stage production and epicness Ill go for the live after death version - wolphert

9 Blood Brothers
10 Wrathchild

The Contenders

11 Phantom of the Opera

Usually for PD songs Paul's voice is better, but when I heard Bruce sing it I realized that that version is the perfect version. - SoldierOfFortune

12 Sign of the Cross

I've been listening to Maiden forever now and I have to say, Sign of the Cross live in Rock in Rio is the best Maiden song I've ever heard.

Rock in Rio version beats the studio version

13 Ghost of the Navigator
14 The Number of the Beast
15 Brave New World
16 Run to the Hills
17 Heaven Can Wait
18 Revelations
19 The Book of Souls
20 The Red and the Black
21 Powerslave
22 The Trooper
23 Futureal
24 Lord of the Flies
25 Man on the Edge
26 Killers
27 Remember Tomorrow
28 The Mercenary
29 When the Wild Wind Blows
30 The Talisman
31 Dance of Death
32 El Dorado
33 Coming Home
34 2 Minutes to Midnight
35 Moonchild
36 Satellite 15
37 Rime of the Ancient Mariner
38 The Clairvoyant
39 Sanctuary
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