Top Ten Iron Maiden Songs that Have Similar Moments

Some people say that Iron Maiden are often copying/repeating themselves, especially on the latest albums. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Top Ten

1 Hallowed Be Thy Name and The Edge of Darkness

Gotta say, I disagree with the list description. Not the part about Maiden copying themselves, but the part about "that's not necessarily a bad thing". It is a bad thing, because copying themselves exposes lack of creativity & poor song-writting skills. Think about it... if they are going to repeatedly use their old ideas again & again, it goes off to show their terrible musicianship. Also if it's done purely for commercial purposes, it also makes them a sell-out. There are a lot of bands who do the same, recycling their old ideas again & again... AC/DC is a huge example. While I don't blame you for liking Iron-Maiden (I like them quite a bit as well), I think musicians should never replicate old ideas, the creative juices should always be flowing. - Joeljohns249

The riff in the middle of The Edge of Darkness is very similar to the iconic main riff of their best song. Even the drumline under that guitar riff is similar. - Alkadikce

2 Wasted Years and Shadows of the Valley

Basically the same intro, just slowed down and a few notes less. And the verses of Shadows of the Valley sound like the chorus of The Fallen Angel. - Alkadikce

3 Lord of the Flies and Gates of Tomorrow

Very similar intro - Alkadikce

4 Blood Brothers, Dance of Death and Face in the Sand

The beginning of Face in the Sand's intro sounds like a mixture between Blood Brothers's intro and Dance of Death's acoustic solo in the intro - Alkadikce

5 The Prisoner and The Number of the Beast

The narrator in the beginning sounds the same: the voice, the speaking style - Alkadikce

6 Mother Russia and Childhood's End

The intro of Childhood's End is like the instrumental middle section of Mother Russia - Alkadikce

7 The Longest Day and Starblind

The choruses are very similar melodically - Alkadikce

8 Still Life and The Unbeliever

Still Life has "piece of mind", The Unbeliever has "peace of mind" in the lyrics. - Alkadikce

9 Infinite Dreams and The Clansman

The first 4 notes are the same - Alkadikce

10 Wildest Dreams and Different World

Opening tracks of two consecutive albums, they both feature Nicko McBrain speaking at the beginning - Alkadikce

The Contenders

11 From Here to Eternity and The Angel and the Gambler
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1. Hallowed Be Thy Name and The Edge of Darkness
2. Lord of the Flies and Gates of Tomorrow
3. Wasted Years and Shadows of the Valley


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