Top Ten Iron Maiden Songs with Two Word Titles

Iron Maiden is my all-time favorite band, so I decided to make a list about their songs.
This is a list of best Iron Maiden songs with Two Word titles, and at every entry, I give an opinion about why I like that song so much.
(This is mostly based on my opinion, but you can suggest more songs on here).

The Top Ten

1 The Trooper

One of the best 80s maiden songs, and also one of the best iron maiden songs of all time.
An awesome riff, very good vocals, a good bassline, one of the best Iron Maiden intro's ever, an amazing guitar solo, a lot of melody, this song DESCRIBES 1983 heavy metal.

2 Blood Brothers

An awesome bassline, very powerful vocals, melodic, emotional.
A perfect example of 2000s maiden, and an awesome comeback for Bruce Dickinson.

3 Aces High

Fast and pumped up, with an awesome intro and one of the best Iron Maiden choruses ever.
Bruce Dickinson's vocals are very good on the Powerslave album!

4 Iron Maiden

Who doesn't like a bit of classic Iron Maiden?
With it's recognisable intro riff, Paul Di'Anno's vocals and a good chorus, this song describes Iron Maiden's Paul Di'Anno era.

5 Wasted Years

A good lead guitar intro, good vocals, a powerful chorus, and a very good melody.
This is Iron Maiden experimenting with guitar synthesizers - and it sounds awesome!

6 Infinite Dreams

An awesome intro and main riff, and beautiful in general.
80s Iron Maiden is the best!

7 The Prisoner

Number Of The Beast is my favorite Iron Maiden album - and this song is an example of how AWESOME that album is.
A good riff, powerful vocals, nice guitar solos and instrumentation.

8 El Dorado

An awesome riff, an epic intro, good vocals, an awesome guitar solo, very good!
One of the best songs of the final frontier, and one of the best of 2010s maiden.

9 The Mercenary

Sick riff, sick vocals, fast.
A good maiden song!

10 Wildest Dreams

A good 2000s maiden song!

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