Best Iron Maiden Songs Without Bruce Dickinson

The Top Ten Best Iron Maiden Songs Without Bruce Dickinson

1 Phantom of the Opera

Funny how nobody put Losfer Words on the list. - Alkadikce

2 Sign of the Cross
3 Killers

Very good song

4 Purgatory
5 Wrathchild
6 The Clansman
7 Prowler
8 Lord of the Flies
9 Strange World

This song is among the very best of songs in the history of songs. You hear these song today in the radio that is a hit, and they have 5 notes and 2 sentences...! Songs like this one are gems, rare and precious

This song is no absolutely amazing. Di'anno's vocal are quite tender in this song. Bruce could not do this.

10 Murders in the Rue Morgue

The Contenders

11 The Aftermath
12 Genghis Khan
13 Futureal
14 Remember Tomorrow
15 Transylvania
16 Iron Maiden
17 The Educated Fool
18 Como Estais Amigos
19 Charlotte the Harlot

The chorus the riffs,the text everything is set to kill!

20 Fortunes of War
21 When Two Worlds Collide

COME ON 41, heck I need to stop coming on the website. because every time I come on, you people have NO taste!

22 Running Free
23 Sanctuary
24 The Ides of March
25 Another Life
26 Innocent Exile
27 Twilight Zone
28 Prodigal Son
29 Drifter
30 Man on the Edge
31 Look for the Truth
32 Judgement of Heaven
33 Blood on the World's Hands
34 The Edge of Darkness
35 2 A.M.
36 The Unbeliever
37 Justice of the Peace
38 I Live My Way
39 Judgement Day
40 The Angel and the Gambler
41 Lightning Strikes Twice
42 Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger
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