Hallowed Be Thy Name


I was browsing heavy metal songs. I google'd "top Heavy Metal songs" and this one was number 1. If I found it just browsing, I probably would have FF'd and ruined it. The beginning is slow, but since it was number 1, I kept listening because I knew it had to get better. Then it blew my mind, and has been my favorite song for the last 6 months. The intro is so good!

Someone before me wrote this: Hallowed be Thy Name is not simply an Iron Maiden's or a metal song, it is something more, like a perfect harmony of music, lyrics, progressive evolution and the rise of the climax during the song itself. I think Steve Harris has written his masterpiece with this song, which is really beyond any genre and time style!.

That is it, nothing more. Just an immortal piece of art

Hallowed Be Thy Name is the best. Mainly because of the lyrics and the sound. For sound I would have to say the vocal and the guitar are the main reason's. Iron Maiden is just great overall.

Superb song by Iron Maiden..

This is the first Iron Maiden song that I've heard and have heard it so many times

Now and never get sick of hearing it!..
This song captivated me the first time I heard it and is my favorite till date..
The guitar in the song is Awesome and so is the vocals.. Feels like entering a whole

New dimension! Iron Maiden Rocks

This is the first Iron Maiden song I heard as a teenager. Our family moved to Bangalore, India and on the first day the kid next door took me and my brother into his garage, pulled out a vinyl of this album and blew our minds. That 15-year old me has been a lifelong Maiden fan ever since (I'm 42 now) and my headphones still rock Iron Maiden on a daily basis while I'm at work.

Some of their greatest story telling which starts so poignantly with that slow, somber bell. The first time I heard that intro, I felt I was in for something powerful. I underestimated that.

Maiden is without doubt, close to the greatest metal band ever. Even people who don't think they like metal, enjoy this song because of the story it weaves. Rock on, boys!

This song is the definition of Iron Maiden, everything just works so well together, the guitars, the bass, the drums and of course those magical vocals Bruce Dickinson produces.

No other band has, and never will create a song even close to the superior class of Hallowed be thy Name.

I Still remember that night of summer 2001 when I was 12 years old and my friend send me this song while saying it was the best thing he ever heard. It was my first Maiden song and since then I listened every album at least 50 times. but I always return to Hallowed be thy Name as it is the best of the best

Empire Of The Clouds is currently ranked #36 on "Best Songs of 2015". So come 25,000 Iron Maiden fans, and help me get it to the #1 spot that it deserves!

This is the most legendary song ever, not just in the metal category but in the world of music itself. There hasn't been a single day since I listened to this song in high school and not heard it. In short it is THE most influential song I have ever listened to. Rock ON Maidens!

Hallowed be Thy Name should be placed in Metal's "Legendary" category. Everything comes together in one awe-inspiring melody, and the solo is easily the best I have ever heard. Also, this song is the best song that Iron Maiden plays live! It really is a true masterpiece!

This is a punch on the face of all people that say heavy metal is music for monsters. The lyrics are amazing, makes me connect with the feelings of Bruce, it has one of the best riffs of the history of metal and the final scream of "Hallowed be thy name" are simply out of this world.

Hallowed be my life! This is hands down the greatest song ever produced. I have heard this song literally thousands of times over the last 30 years and I still get goose bumps when I listen to it. This song is what music is about. Maiden needs more tour dates and locations.

This song is quite literally the best rock song ever made. The lyrics are 11/10 and the instrumentals were made for the lyrics. The story within this song is as good as the song itself. Masterpiece

Best metal song by far with amazing riffs, bass lines, drums and vocals. it contains what Iron Maiden is best at: Long slow intros, bursting chorusses of allegros and amazing solos. I have never heard a band that uses it's bassist so well. Let alone three guitarists!

Put simply, Bruce Dickinson does his best singing not on just the title track, but on the entire album 'The Number of the Beast'. Specifically this song. This is an epic piece of music, definitely belongs at #1. Phenomenal song to close out a phenomenal album! - Djice1997

Hallowed Be Thy Name is the signature song of Iron Maiden undoubtedly. Every aspect of Iron Maiden is embodied in this musical and instrumental masterpiece. Such a heavy metal classic.

Dave Mustaine.

There's a reason this song tops nearly every top metal list out there: It's damn near perfect. The intro, the lyrics, the music, everything is spot-on. For this song being 30 years old it still holds up to anything being released today.

I just heard this song for the first time... And it blew me away! The lyrics are so powerful. You can almost feel the fear of being near death. As for the music, it's extraordinary! I really do believe Iron Maiden is the best modern hard rock band in the planet.

How metal should be, the impending doom in the quiet opening leading to the breathtaking vocals that just get faster and faster, complemented by the amazing guitar riffs. Just probably the greatest metal track of all time.

Unbelievable song, I love this song. If you are a person just getting interested into Iron Maiden, then this is by far their best song. Brilliant songwriting from Steve Harris, and awesome vocals from Bruce Dickinson.

Wow I knew the first time I heard this song, it was my favorite. Many Maiden songs are close but this one prevails. Guitar just overall is epic and how Bruce can do the vocals is astonishing. GREAT WORK MAIDEN! UP THE IRONS!

This song perfectly defines iron maiden. But honestly, I don't like dance of death... And the trooper was never a favorite for me. Aces high and blood brothers should be higher, and for the greater good of God and Paschendale should be on here.

This is the best not only of Iron Maiden, but of music. Hallowed Be Thy Name is my favorite song, the opening guitar kick always makes me jump and air-guitar, all the way to holding the final Hallowed Be Thy Name! Spectacular song!

I keep listening to this song almost everyday and still it manages to excite me every time I listen to it. This is just an epic song from the Maiden's! Awesome music and some extraordinary singing from Bruce. Great work guys.