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61 Ghost of the Navigator

This is great song and lyrics should be in top 10, ghost of the navigator, its rock in rio version too good...

A song I probaly rate higher then the average Maiden fan.

For mine it's an extremelty catchy tune which I love singing along to. - LonelyLongDistanceRunner

Why the is this song not in the top 10? , its on of my ALL-TIME favourites. Come one people this song deserves more votes

This song should AT LEAST be top 25. Tells a gripping story. Great work by Maiden again on Brave New World.

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62 For the Greater Good of God For the Greater Good of God

This is too tough of a vote there is too many great songs and even though The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner was the original song that got me into Iron Maiden, and Public Enema #1 is my favorite Maiden song (even though I had to add it in this list myself at #101, which I'm still annoyed about), I have to go with The greater Good of God because it truly is an amazing song.

Lyrics kick ass. Instrumental is epic. It really deserves to be near the top ten.

One of the best ever made... Excellent lyrics, high emotions, amazing melody, just brilliant.

Has to go down as one of the most underrated Maiden songs.

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63 Still Life Still Life

Very, very awesome song! Another great song from the awesome Piece Of Mind. In my opinion this song should be in the top 20's at least. I love the beautiful solo in the beginning of the song! The whole song is just kickass! Should definitely be higher than 68! Please vote. - jennifersanchez

Another awesome song from the awesome Piece Of Mind album! I think Still Life should be a little higher on this list. At least in the top 40.

How the heck is this so low? One of their best songs, in my opinion.

Wow Really.. The song is at least top 30 it's an amazing song and there's little songs like it, piece of mind all the way!

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64 Remember Tomorrow Remember Tomorrow

Love the way how this song builds up to that killer high-tempo riff.
Very underrated song this one.

Yes, underrated indeed. One of my top 3 songs of all time. This song works for people of any taste.

Raw and insane from low to high and back to low in such a smooth progression set the standard and it still holds up one of the best pieces of music ever if you doubt watch on you tube


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65 The Prophecy The Prophecy

Most people consider this the worst track on Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. In my opinion, this song is one of the best on the album and one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs. The Prophecy in my opinion should at least be in the top 50. The solo is pretty awesome! VOTE NOW!

Hey PEOPLE!? Are you crazy?! Listen to Intro, main riff, lyrics, and the way how Bruce sings it. Very powerful, touching song with strong lyrics. The outro is also wonderful.
This one is 89th?! - IT'S NONSENSE! - SnaGem

A really good and a really underrated song! One of my favorites from Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son! It's too bad they never played this live at all. Whatever... The song is awesome and that's all it matters to me.

This song is one of the best songs of iron maiden just listen it the intro the way they sing it and the ending is the best guitar riff ever

66 The Clansman The Clansman

Absolutely don't have clue why this is on 41RANK?! This is awesome strong song that should be in TOP ten

This song is my favourite, but I'm speaking about the live version of Rock in rio, which is really better than the original. This should be in top 10.

This song is so amazing... Especially the solos and steve's bass work... The guitars, the bass and the drums blend together to make it one of the best maiden songs ever... This one HAS to be in the top ten...

Love the rock in rio live version

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67 Deja Vu Deja Vu

A truly underrated song! Could be one of their best the song, well written vocals are awesome... Fans give this song a try is awesome... UP THE IRONS!

Feel like I've been here before... Feel like I've been here before... Great song... One of the best! I don't understand why this song is not in the top twenty!

The fact that one of my favourite Maiden tracks stands at #71 is a testament to how many great tunes this band has

Underrated song! I love it (and a lot of them)

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68 Coming Home Coming Home

This song simply HAS to be placed higher. If this song were there in powerslave or some other famous album people would be raving about it. But no because it's from a new album, people think it's not that great. Even el dorado, mother of mercy - all awesome songs that have to be in the top 25 at least.

This is very underrated song.. its got to be one of maiden's best songs ever...

143?! Has no one actually listened to this song?! A true masterpiece, astonishing as it's a recent one(2010) and shows unequivocally that Iron Maidens still rocks!

Just love it - my personal favorite from "The Final Fortune"

69 Different World Different World

this one THE MOST AMAZING iron maiden songs I've even heard. I really recommend it to you all!

I think this is the Beast of Iron Maiden songs. It has an amazing riff guitar and nice lyrics. LISTEN IT FIRST! Very recommended for you all

Actually I don't like Heavy Metal songs, but this song can change my feeling and make me like it. I LOVE IRON MAIDEN m/ m/ m/

Really love the vocal harmonies in this and "Wasted Years"

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70 Prowler Prowler

A less serious iron maiden time, a little disappointed that this is so far down the list, gotta love prowler! Gotta love Iron Maiden!

Come on guys, this song kicks SO MUCH ass! Why is it so low down, this is a travesty!

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71 Face in the Sand Face in the Sand

This song rocks! Gotta love the pedal beat in this song that starts in the beginning and goes on entire song!

This is such an underrated iron maiden song.

Can't believe it was not in the list

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72 Speed of Light Speed of Light

One of my favorite's from the Book of Souls album.

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73 Satellite 15... The Final Frontier Satellite 15... The Final Frontier

I like the powerslave song more but it's not on the list so I voted this, my second favourite iron maiden song. But this is awesome too.

The best thing about this song is that it is basically 2 songs in one. Each with a different tone. This is a truly underrated gem of Iron Maiden

This song rocks and shown that iron maiden will never disappoint us no matter how old they R. I still cannot believe this isn't in the top ten

Its an amazing song with one of the most greatest intros

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74 Mother of Mercy Mother of Mercy

This is a soon-to-be iron maiden anthem, it's that divine! The amazing intro, the spectacular build-up and finally the godly chorus plus the epic latter half of the song make it one of iron maiden's best songs not only from Final Frontier but also of all time. In fact, it deserves to be a metal legend compared with hallowed be thy name and the trooper; and I'm sure it will be one.
Also, get El Dorado, Satellite, The Alchemist higher because they all are insane songs from the highly rated album Final Frontier.

75 The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

I think that this is their most underrated song. It's got catchy guitar riffs, it is well written and it has beautiful melodies with the guitar lines and the vocals. In my opinion, this is their most beautiful song and is also my favourite.

What?!? This song DESERVES to be right up there with the best! The solo @ the end is pure epicness... Too bad most of the people don't think so... Quite simply one of their best songs.

In my opinion an easy number one! Love the lyrics, the interesting cord progression at the start and the sublime outro section.

The best music of the excelent Brave New World album.
The final part with all that emotional solos give me shivers.
Play this at the concerts, please!

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76 The Duellists

Incredible lyrics and melody, unbelievable this is so low on the list

My favorite Maiden Song, so much power and the twin guitars, Fight!

Hahaa 99th place, I respect all maiden fans but there are so many immature listeners, easy top 5, the vocals, the riffs, the bass, and them solos,. Been a fan for 17 years and listened to them every day this is definitely for the more mature fans

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77 Out of the Silent Planet

I can't believe this song isn't in the top 10! Aces high is my favorite song and this has gotta be my second favorite

This is an incredible song! It should really be in the top 10, the chorus is absolutely amazing

Best Maiden Song Ever! Should for sure be in the top 10. Brave New World Owns! -

Catchiest tune of any Maiden song

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78 Mother Russia Mother Russia

Only intro is enough for this song to be in top 10

This is one of my favorite Maiden song by far the most underrated

This song is in the 85th place? Unbelevable.
This is the song that made me love iron maiden.
My first iron maiden song.

best one!

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79 Murders in the Rue Morgue Murders in the Rue Morgue

A masterpiece indeed, you really should listen to it. One of the special songs from the album "Killers". - SerialSinner

Best song without bruce. Favorite on "Killers" that and wrathchild.

Such an awesome song by far their best

The absolute best song they ever wrote!

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80 Como Estais Amigos Como Estais Amigos

Well its one of there most underrated song. Enjoy the song every time I hear it. UP THE IRONS!

So underrated it hurts! The riff is just amazing

All 10 and 11 stuff is underrated.

No More Tears

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