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101 When Two Worlds Collide V 1 Comment
102 The Aftermath V 1 Comment
103 These Colours Don't Run

another great iron maiden song -

This has to be higher it is so catchy and so epic this is the best song off a matter of life and death. When I saw this song live it was brilliant! - cameronbrown

Man, how can this one be number 136?
This is my absolute favourite Iron Maiden song!

Awesome guitars and song. Must higer in this my top 10.

V 3 Comments
104 Sanctuary

Sanctuary is number 100? That is absolutely absurd. It has the craziest bass and it's a perfect example of how a simple riff can be turned into a masterpiece

love the riff brilliant live better than the studio

Sanctuary is a fun and very catchy song in my opinion! It should definitely be higher than 93rd place.

105 The Mercenary

This should be in top 5. Listen to it sounds like early Maiden great song

What its doing down here... guys listen to these song... its magnificent, awesome and these song worth to in top 30 at least... just have a look to these song... its really worth listening.. - Sufyaan

91?! This song is awesome and has an incredible solo!

106 The Fallen Angel

Brave New World is their best Album and this is one of their best songs! -

I love the lyrics, this is truly an IRON MAIDEN song. I just can't stop listening to it. It is a must listen.

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107 Tears of a Clown

Best chorus in all of Iron Maiden songs.

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108 The Alchemist

The alchemist is the ultimate Maiden song! It totally rocks! I love it! It is so good! Like no maiden song I've ever heard! I really love it! Come on people! It should at least be in the top 20! Up the Irons! Maiden For life!

In my opinion the best song

109 The Man of Sorrows

How could anybody not like this?

Superbly harmonised intro section and some really thought provoking lyrics
On of the best from modern Maiden

110 Isle of Avalon

Really underrated song. Much better than some of the classics, which is saying a lot. The Final Frontier is their best studio album because none of the songs ever got boring, and this just happens to be the best song from that album. Really great song!

Amazing song

111 2 A.M.

Very good song, if a new band covered this song, it would be a hit and a break out tune for the new band.

One of the bests songs. Without doubt it should be in this list.

THIS IS the most underrated iron maiden song...

One of most epic songs of Iron Maiden. I don't know why it is over 100...
I'm just in love with that lirycs with that music...
Here I am again
Look at me again
Here I am again
On my own
Trying hard to see
What there is for me
Here I am again
On my own
This is just EPIC

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112 Tailgunner

This song should be in the top 40's at least, honestly. It's a fun and catchy song. I really like the solo in Tailgunner. Bring it up. UP THE IRONS!

Tailgunner at 107? Youve got to be kidding me. This deserves the top 20 guaranteed because its the best song from No Prayer for the Dying

113 The Edge of the Darkness

This song will bring you deep into the jungles of Vietnam since it is a tribute to the fantastic movie "apocalypse now" it also has an awesome solo and a cool opening (like children of the damned)

One of the greatest Iron Maiden songs, it should be in the top 5. I can listen to it over and over again without getting bored. This song is the perfect translation of apocalypse now and heart of darkness.

One of their best song!

114 Judas Be My Guide

Really good song. Best from Fear of the Dark album

115 Chains of Misery

85! No way! This is an epic song, and always will be. It may be basic, but its a very catchy tune and you will never get bored of it.

There is a madman in the corner of your eye? Guys give this man a little surprise. At least in 20!

116 Public Enema Number One

Agreed. This is a great song. This album was made in a dark time for the band. And gets unfair treatment from both the fans and the band. I like it, and this song is the best on the album. Too bad we will never hear any of this live. Maiden is truly the greatest band on the planet. Up the irons

Very underrated. But to be honest, nothing special as well. Melody is not that amazing and runs out of your head pretty quick.

When in the blue hell is this song isn't on this list considering it's their best song

It's the best song of No Prayer! Very catchy and this solo...

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117 Man on the Edge

This is one of the best iron maiden songs, why is it last?! Blaze Bayley is a very underrated singer in my opinion

What is this song doing way down here? It's one of their best songs! Great riffs and and an amazing solo!


BB is underrated yet the only person in the world who could even try to fill bd's shoes. This song is a masterpiec and should be the tune played when the credits roll for the film "Falling Down".

118 Doctor Doctor
119 The Great Unknown
120 Run Silent Run Deep
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