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161 The Educated Fool

Man what, so low? This song is so well written! Awesome lyrics, awesome vocals, awesome guitar, awesome drums, awesome bass, awesome keyboard. Come on, this one of the best bayley songs ever

Great beat and an awesome song! I wish other Maiden fans relisten and give Blaze Bayley another chance. This was one of his many masterpieces with Iron Maiden.

No way that this song could be so low in the rankings. Open the page at chapter one
Could this just be that life's just begun
Forever within your darker thoughts
Reflecting on everything you've been taught

Never felt this way before
Seems that somebody's just opened the door
To the book of life... Or is it death!
There's ever anyway out

Recommend it! One of the best! RI

162 Fortunes of War

Coolest blaze bayley song next to the clansman and sign of the cross but 60 god I wish it was under the clansman at the top 40 this song has amazinv lyrics but it doesn't rhyme right

Best iron maiden songs
1hallowed be thy name
2 sign of the cross
3 the clansman
4 fortunes of war
5 phantom of the opera

It also has good tune

One of the best starting solos of iron maiden gotta hear this!

163 Sea of Madness

Weekend Warrior above this masterpiece? What a SHAM! - Joel1995

This is one of the best and most unique composition of iron maiden and it should be at least in the top 20

Had to vote for either this, Drifter, Moonchild, or MITRM as they are the ones that are placed criminally low on this list. Vote them up folks. Up The Irons!

My favoirfate Iron Madien song ever

164 The Assassin
165 That Girl V 1 Comment
166 The Unbeliever

A good song from the x factor although it is a bad album. This, fortunes of war and sign of the cross are the only decent ons from the x factor.

Haters gonna hate blaze just because he is not bruce. Shame that this pointless hate projects on two great (if not best) albums^ x factor and virtual.

One of the best I'm songs.

This is the best of blaze. The fan of iron maiden hate this singer but he have write 2/3 song very good, this, man of the edge and judgement of heaven. C mon.

167 Pass the Jam
168 Weekend Warrior

Such a catchy song I honestly don't know how it is so low on this list.

This is a very good song for Fear of the Dark. PLEASE VOTE IT UP SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN LISTEN TO IT!

169 Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! One of my faves from Maiden. Although those lifeless buffoons known as the media gave this the Golden Strawberry award for worst original composition in 1989, the song still kicks major butt! UP THE IRONS!

What the heck, yeah not the best, but man, its still totally awesome, shocking that its not in the top 10

Why is this song 128th place? Should be at least in the top 50's. It's not the best Iron Maiden song but at least bring it up!

Great song

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170 The Angel and the Gambler

WORST Maiden Song EVER. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad song. However, by Maiden's standards, this song is too poppy and SO DAMN REPETITIVE! And even though Maiden has had great songs that last very long (7 mins or more), this 9 minute track is too long for what it is: Like I said, VERY REPETITIVE!
"Don't you think I'm a Savior? " (x100) No, I don't.

A lot of the repitivness in the chorus could be removed and this song could have been a classic.

171 The Apparition V 2 Comments
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