Top Ten Iron Man Armors

The Top Ten

1 Mark 42

This armour is not bad but I have seen better

The armor that appears in the third movie.

3 War Machine Armor

The armour of Tony Stark or Rhodes with monstrous firing capacity.

Lots and lots of guns


Mark 6 has had a lot of popularity so get up there mark 42 must be banned!

True but wut about mark 7

Good old MK VI!

5 Mark 20 Python
6 Mark 38 Igor

Igor is just a copy of the hulkbuster... But its still good for picking up stuff that can't really be picked up

7 Bleeding Edge Armor
8 Mark 33 Silver Centurion
9 Hulkbuster

Hulk-Buster beat Hulk, HULK!

Should be number uno.

Yes the Hulkbuster armour is my favourite armour it should be at least the top 3

When you need to fight the tough fights then bfing in the hulkbuster

10 Mark 29 Fiddler

The Contenders

11 Anti-Radiation Armor
12 Iron Destroyer
13 Tin Man Armor
14 Stealth Armor MK IV
15 Model 40
16 Iron Patriot
17 Extremis
18 Stealth Armor MK III
19 Thorbuster
20 Mark 39 Starboost
21 Phoenix Armour

Ok ok this can beat every armour... (probably not the gallants buster...maybe)

22 Rescue

A armour for girls. Its not a bad one though

23 Mark 45
24 Mark 3

Ok ok... Hulkbuster is... AWESOME and mark 42 is pretty cool but none can match the original...that's right
Mark 3 is the 1 that tony stark always use... U see him in those T.V. shows and in YouTube videos...iron man is mainly using the mark 3 and in iron man 3 I remember when I saw the mark 3 coming to tony stark and
He was so happy for it... But then it crashed and he used the mark 42 instead.

25 Mark I

Iron man mkI is the first armor

26 Mark 46
27 Mark 44
28 Mark 43
29 Mark 5
30 Mark 2
31 Mark 4
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