Top Ten Most Ironic Things About The Emoji Movie

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1 Despite it claiming to be a feminist friendly movie, none of the female characters are intelligent or likable in the slightest

Actually, the female characters are likeable. Especially Jailbreak. - MarioMaster101

Talk about giving feminism a bad name again.
People already hate it.

2 The infamous Handmaid’s Tale Twitter post, despite the obvious feminist pandering
3 Despite Gene being a representation of LGBT people, pretty much all the prejudice against him is his fault and all he does is endanger everyone else around him

He fixes his own mistakes and everyone accepts him and his father Mel as malfunctions.

4 Despite the message of "Being Yourself", it completely rips off The Lego Movie's and Wreck-It Ralph's plots and characters

Is this wreck it ralph 2? the emoji movie TOOK ASPECTS. rbti flat out ripped off emoji movie.

5 Despite the infamous Sony hack, Jailbreak is a hacker herself

Jailbreak taught herself as a kid how to code as stated in the official short film, Jailbreak Decoded, found on The Emoji Movie DVD.

6 Despite the target audience of teens, it completely insults its teenager audience
7 Despite it trying to be mainstream, the writers clearly had no idea how the internet reacts to mediocre garbage pandering
8 Despite it being a movie about technology, the writers obviously had no idea how phones actually work in real life

It is just a creative take on smartphones.

9 Despite Patrick Stewart being the most advertised actor, he obviously hated taking part in it and thought of it as a joke
10 Despite it being about emotions, it's completely unemotional and boring

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11 The trolls being inside Alex's phone, despite obviously trolls being real people on the internet in real life
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