Top Ten Most Ironic Things to Do

Here's some of the most ironic things that one can do. If I missed one, be sure to add it to the list.
This list is about things that you as a person can do, not just general ironic things. For that list, see happyhappyjoyjoy's Most Ironic Things list.
The Top Ten
1 Take a picture of a "No Photography" sign

I took pictures of casinos that has "no photography signs" in it!

I love violation of rules! - Kiteretsunu

Does the sign have a flash sensor? - PositronWildhawk

2 Write "I hate graffiti" on a wall in a public place

I hate graffiti so much I have a vast supply of spray paint.

3 Use a Ford Escape as a prisoner transport vehicle

Why name it Escape? Just name it Ford Prison, lol

This one cracks me up

4 Write a threatening letter in Comic Sans
5 Jump in front of an ambulance
6 Do a list on paper about how to save paper
7 Use a bumper sticker that says "Your in America, Speak English"

You're an idiot, learn to write in English - Cazaam

8 Text "SAFETY" to 79191... Whilst driving!

If anybody's seen this infamous sign you'll know what I'm on about. - Cazaam

9 Die in the living room

Haha. That would be damn funny!

And live in the Dying Room

10 Make a list about things you hate and writing "Lists" on it

Things I hate:
1. Myself
2. Irony
3. Lists - Cazaam

The Contenders
11 Google about Google

I don't think this is irony.

I've actually done this a lot :D

12 Search for a Justin Bieber rock song

I don't see the irony in this. Sure, Justin Bieber doesn't make rock songs, but where's the irony in that?

No, they don't rock

13 Tell people to shut up when you're talking

People do this all the time

14 Send someone a note you wrote yourself stating that you can't write to them because some cretins stole all forms of writing material.
15 Talk about talking

I wouldn't call this "ironic".

You made my day! ^^

16 Buy money with money

Hold my beer!

17 Write a book about writing

I'm not sure if this is irony...

I love this list!

18 Make a poster of the word Red using blue markers
19 Hate something but use it as your profile picture
20 Ride a coin operated ride/toy that has a weight limit sign on it

I have a spring rocking horse that has a 60 lb weight limit and I ride it all the time.

Also at the Musee Mecanique in San Francisco they have a coin operated horse that has a 50 lb weight limit and I got on it and rode it until they unplugged it and kicked me off of it.

21 Name a black cat "Lucky"
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