Ironically Subtle Signs That Someone Is Fed Up With Your Company


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1 They yawn in your face

I love your list! And I love you! - keyson

Wow! What a hole! - Britgirl

2 They shout "For God's sake, will you go away, you annoying little prat?!"

Prick not prat

3 They push you out door while you're still talking to them

"Is this your way of saying you want me to stay for another hour... ? " - Britgirl

4 They start talking to someone else during your conversation
5 They suggest you go home before you've even made arrangements to meet
6 They play Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police
7 They tell you they can't go out with you due to a migraine while getting ready to go out for a night out and say to you "Oh, I'm just off to get some migraine tablets. See you in the morning..."

*Door slams*
"Ok, honey, I'll just wait right here for you. I love you... Oh he's gone..." - Britgirl

8 They don't show up at your funeral

As I said, it's the little signs... - Britgirl

*From Heaven*
My girl didn't even come to see me at my funeral. And I wanted to test her. Oh! Using that gun was useless! - Kiteretsunu

9 They tell you that you are a boring individual and that even your shadow follows someone else around.

If I saw that, I would certainly be perplexed. I'd just shake my fist at my shadow saying "Where do you think you're going? " - PositronWildhawk

When they say it to me, they're usually not lying. It nearly strangled me once. - Rocko

"So what are you trying to say here... ? " - Britgirl

10 They fall asleep on you

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11 They submit words such as "stifling" to lists about personalities
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