Ironically Subtle Signs You Are Slightly In a Bad Mood

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1 You throw a chair through the window

I used to do this. It was the summer of '89, I believe. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and nobody really cared about what you were doing because it was the '80s. I sat there in a lonesome chair that I had purchased the previous day at Walter's Metal Chairs Co. ; and then I realized: I'm an American. I have the opportunity to become fat or become really lazy, or maybe even die young after several accounted love affairs. And I'm just sitting here on a metal chair. The thought angered me, and I immediately picked up my chair, and hurtled it into the window of Sam's Rubber Windows Co.. That soon proved to be a mistake. The cursed rubber window deflected the chair, and it came back to hit its remarkably handsome host (me; boy, I'm humble, am I not? ). I suffered from bruises until I was ten years old, and not to mention my lawsuit for vandalism. Anyway, here I am today. I'm a fourteen year old boy who lives in California, and I'm just sitting here on this electromagnetic ...more

I've done this before.
Frankly, I didn't think aeroplane windows are meant to open.

I think your mom will understand how you feel *laugh out loud* Good list Britgirl

2 You throw a member of the family on the fire

Subtle, huh?
Love this list! - Misfire

Uh... it's not what it looks like...
The boiler's broken. - Rocko

Nothing like keeping those home fires burning is there. - Britgirl

Joey Tribbiani throwing the wooden leg comes to mind - styLIShT

3 You scream out expletives

I wish my parents allowed me to swear when I am mad :(

4 You start an argument in an empty room

This sounds crazy but it's something that does occur


Me in the shower

5 You invite a neighbour round for tea and throw boiling water on them

Um, subtle? - RobertWisdom

6 You shout 'shut up!!' to a man praying silently in church

He hurt my ears :( - RoseWeasley

7 You laugh at slasher films

Yes do this all the time and my friends think I some kind of weirdo (but they still love me I hope)

8 You refuse to speak to a loved one for weeks
9 When your friend asks "does this dress make my bum look big?" you reply, "of course not! It's the dress that looks big on your bum!"
10 You make sarcastic lists on TheTopTens

Well, I wouldn't mind doing that. - Kiteretsunu

I'd NEVER do this... ! - Britgirl

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11 You sell your sibling for a death ray

What the hell are you gonna use the death ray on then?

12 You punch the wall for no reason

*punches wall for no reason*
I am definitely NOT in a bad mood! - Misfire

13 You win a goldfish for a child at a fair and then swallow it
14 You sneeze on the anti-vaxx kid
15 You wire an amp to the lightswitch so it blasts out dubstep when the lights are turned off
16 You put uranium in your friend's lunch

Uranium? That's a bit far.
Neptunium is like, one proton better. - Rocko

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