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1 The New Classic - Iggy Azalea

Yeah because everyone must own this classic album with no bad songs at all (Sarcasm) - christangrant

Yeah, she is better than Mozart and Beethoven (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

2 Epic - Blood on the Dance Floor

Lol, I love this list!

LOL, they revealed the true meaning of epicness (sarcasm). Blind Guardian should learn from them (sarcasm). - Metal_Treasure

Oh yeah BOTDF is truly the most epic duo of all time (Sarcasm) - christangrant

Epic Fail - ReltihFloda

3 Crazy Hits - Crazy Frog

Well I'm surprised Crazy Frog has any hits - christangrant

In each of the three German speaking countries, "Axel F." was in the Top 3 (3 in Germany, 2 in Austria and 1 in Switzerland) and this was long before YouTube sent such videos viral. So yeah, hate all you want (it really isn't good), but they did have hits in Europe. - Martin_Canine

4 Fortune - Chris Brown

Well this must be a awful fortune then - christangrant

5 Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy

But this is a Pop album and they either killed rock and roll or saved it by leaving the genre - christangrant

If this is how they saved Rock and Roll, then I wouldn't ask them save my life. - Metal_Treasure

Yeah Fob sure is saving Rock even to this day. Sampling the munsters and making a songs that sounds more like YTP is definitely gonna uplift an entire genre. (sarcasm of course) - ReltihFloda

6 Now That's What I Call Music! - Various Artists

But they put songs like Watch Me on there so I don't even know if I should call this "Music" - christangrant

At least they're popular.

The Now That's What I Call Music! series always has horrendous songs so this series definitely is ironically titled. - Aragorn98

7 It Just Gets Worse - A*** C***

Well it describes the album perfectly - christangrant

LOL, it's obvious. - Metal_Treasure

8 Purpose - Justin Bieber

But it doesn't have a purpose at all - christangrant

9 Forbidden - Black Sabbath

Like Tony Iommi Said:
This album should be forbidden - christangrant

10 Risk - Megadeth

They sure took a Risk alright at making Pop Rock songs - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Ready to Fly - Melanie Thornton

This is very sad irony: Melanie Thornton died in a plane crash a few months after this debut solo album was released. - Martin_Canine

12 Trash - Alice Cooper

But the album isn't trash it's very good plus it contains Poison his best song. - christangrant

13 Bad - Michael Jackson

But this is a good album - christangrant

14 Do Your Shows Always Suck - Andy Dick

Yes they do - christangrant

15 Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G.
16 First Shot - Some & Any

Their only album (also one of my least favorite ones of all time). - Martin_Canine

17 Hart (Z) IV - Eko Fresh

Hartz IV is money that people with no income get in Germany. The album was a commercial disappointment (even though arguably one of his best records). - Martin_Canine

18 Comeback - Tic Tac Toe

LOL, this a good one - a final album named Comeback, LOL - Metal_Treasure

Best thing is that Lee, one of the three members, has a solo song on the album and announces a solo album in said song. This album "Comeback" was the last thing we ever heard from her. She completely vanished from music and the media. - Martin_Canine

Their final album. - Martin_Canine

19 Metal Magic - Pantera

This must be a bad magic then - christangrant

20 God Hates Us All - Slayer

What makes this ironic is that Tom Araya is catholic - christangrant

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1. Epic - Blood on the Dance Floor
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