Top Ten Irrational Annoyances

Do some things really irritate you that shouldn't? Things that annoy you but doesn't annoy anyone else? Or is it really just me being overly sensitive to things. Who knows? Some of these things are my personal bug bears and some were gladly offered by others.
What are your Irrational Annoyances?

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1 People walking slowly in front of you

If I'm walking down the sidewalk and you are taking your sweet little time to walk while I have places to be, I will get the great urge to push off into the oncoming traffic. Of course I won't do that for legal reasons, but please, just walk faster for the love of God. - EternalLaughter

I would push them away. But sadly, arguments arise and that consumes time as well. So I repress my feelings. Lol - jerk4life

I will be like move some of us has places to go you know - Blear

2 People walking along tapping away on their phone

You know, people, from behind it looks like you haven't got a head. Think how silly you look now! :P - Britgirl

3 People using scratch cards
4 People who talk too quietly

Ah, the low-talker. Be careful about nodding. You just might end up on T.V. in a puffy shirt.

There are a lot of people who do this but, not because there shy but, because
there mouth is sealed close trying to say something but, they have no Idea what to say - Blear

5 Heavy wind

That's me but I think I'm not alone. - Metal_Treasure

6 People who sing out of tune

That's me! I can sing...just very badly! Haha... - Britgirl

7 TheTopTens users who do not add a first ten items to a list
8 People who advertise that they're buying condoms
9 Girls with big ears
10 The smell of coffee V 5 Comments
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1. People walking slowly in front of you
2. People walking along tapping away on their phone
3. People using scratch cards



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