Most Irritating Sounds

These are sounds that almost everyone hates to hear.

The Top Ten

1 Silverware scrapping on a plate V 1 Comment
2 Motorcycle engine starting up

The only reason that this is at number 2 is because my next door neighbors do this 24/7 at like 1:00 in the morning! Yeah, I do have noisy neighbors...

3 Dog whisperer

I actually have an app for this sound and it makes my brother want to punch me in the face, laugh out loud. I do really hate this sound though, a lot.

4 Little kids crying

I have next door neighbors with 3 little kids... KILL ME.

5 Beep beep alarm

Everyone hates this, we all do.

6 Throat that needs to be cleared

My sisters friend talks like this, and it bothers us so much!

7 Fly buzzing

Flies always go near my ear and buzz, its annoying!

8 Styrofoam moving against metal

People at my school do this during lunch, I can't stand it!

9 People scratching

I know, we all do it, but its still an annoying sound

10 Teeth grinding

I can't stand this sound while my friend sleeps!

The Contenders

11 Farting
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