Top Ten Most Irritating Things that Happen When Ordering at a Drive Thru

While we have had several lists about drive thrus they've been mostly comical and usually not realistic. Here's one that is.
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1 The person in front of you takes forever to order

And it's always the person in front of you every single time. Who are they feeding, a huge family? You could never tell, but this sort of leads to long lines that prevent people from going places.

THIS IS SO ANNOYING, its like come on I just want to eat. And then you start wondering how many people they are going to feed. A whole country?!?!

Amen. I don't get too mad, but it is annoying when someone it front of me takes forever.

Yeah I’m not sure why they didn’t make up their mind before they got to the front of the line.

2 They forget to give you something you specifically requested

Kind of an obvious irritating thing here cause it happens so often. You say "no onions on my burger" and they still give you a burger with onions. Or you say "add ranch dressing" then you realize that the bag has no ranch dressing. This is why people tend to wait before going on in order to ensure that they have all the things they need.

Me: No onions or tomatoes please
Attendant: No problem
*Couple of minutes later*
Attendant: Here's your food, thank you for coming!
Me: Ok thanks
*Driving out from the Drive Thru*
*Checks food*
Me: Ahhh man, they put onions and tomatoes.
*Tries to scrape it off*

Definitely. I hate when I ask for no tomatoes or no unions or something like that and they just completely forget not to put it.

I happened to me at McDonalds

3 The attendant tells you to wait at the marker/parking spot and then bring it out to you

Several drive thrus tell you to wait at a certain parking spot or marker and you wait a lot longer. Makes even less sense if your order isn't even that big.

4 You're told that the restaurant is out of a certain product

That sucks. I remember that happened with my oreo blast once.

Speaks for itself.

5 The restaurant doesn't accept cash

I can't speak for a lot of places but there actually was one place I remember going to where they strictly said they would not take cash. It was awkward for me since I usually do not trust someone else holding my card for purchases (unless it's a gift card) and I usually pay fast food by cash.

Yeah I like to use cash as well.

I put cash in my a-

6 The line is super long

Rather obvious but ties in with the #1 pick because the lines are long because of those idiots who take forever to order. That being said sometimes the restaurant is just that popular, like Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, and McDonalds in particular who are always loaded with customers.

When you wait in a line for a really long time, "Really? If I wanted to wait in a super long line I would've gone to Disney Land!"

This might be my least favorite. Or whenever you go to Sonic and every booth is filled.

7 Someone honks at you because they think you take too long

Maybe you do have a large order. Maybe you were prepared to order it well before (honestly this is my main problem with my #1 pick, they go up but they don't remember why they came or something). But I do remember that this does happen sometimes where someone even more impatient than you has to honk their horn as if I can help the line any better.

8 You can barely hear the attendant from the speaker

Yeah this is so annoying. Some fast food places should just fix their intercoms. Good list.

Either their accent is difficult to understand, or they just sound too quiet.

9 The cashier forgets to input your coupon to change the total

Happened a few times, usually coupons aren't used for drive-thrus before the pandemic but now you basically have to tell them you have a coupon so that they would remember. This has a problem with the total you have to pay, sometimes you have to remind them that it should be lower because of your coupon.

10 You get a flat tire in the middle of a really long line

this would suck because you'd be holding up the people behind you until a tow truck came and you'd be under a lot of stress

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11 People ordering drive thru while hauling trailers, boats, etc.

These things take up more space for other cars in drive thrus and contribute to the headaches of long lines. I get that some people are hauling things but would it kill them to remove what they're hauling and go through the drive thru with just a car? It's a minor irritant, but it's still valid.

I don't get why people do that. You know it's gonna be a tight squeeze, so why would you try this?

12 They no longer serve what you wanted
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