Best Islands to Visit In Hawaii

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1 Maui

All of the Hawaiian Islands are unique and special in their own way, each as thrilling as the next. But Maui is without the best. Many people say Oahu is better because of Honolulu, but Honolulu is crowded and congested and not paradise. Maui is gorgeous, with its mountains and beaches, waterfalls and volcanoes! Kahului is an interesting city, but Lahaina is by far the most exotic. Maui is literally paradise on Earth.

I have to vote for this one. definitely the best one there is. Not too crouded like Oahu, and not too diverse and small population like the big island, even though the big island is really nice. Love it

I was born on, and still live on Maui. It's amazing. You can see both sides of the island at once, and it's very tropical

I was born on, and still live on Maui (at ten years old, going on eleven), and it's amazing. But with ups and downs. The MAJOR ups are the following:

1. No such thing as rabies! YAAAY!
2. Tropical
3. You can brag about living there!
4. It's illegal to keep dolphins in captivity (which may seen disappointing at first, but that means that no marine mammals are abused and held in captivity).
5. Maui Ocean Center!
6. Amazing sunsets
7. A rare chance at seeing an exotic and rare bird! Like a honeycreeper!
8. No coyotes to kill your companians (like dogs and cats)!
9. No long drive!
10. Beaches, hammoks, and resorts!

And no, Haleakala, our volcano, is NOT I repeat NOT dangerous. Look it up.

Reasons Maui isn's the coolest place on Earth:

1. Poisonous Cane Toads!

2 Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii is definitely one of my favorite places in the World! LOVE IT because I have so many Happy Special memories that I'll never forget... Over the years, I visited the Island 3 times and we always did a variety of different tourist stuff. There is so much to do and it is quite beautiful there. The best part is on my vacations, I felt completely relaxed and stress free, plus add in great weather, great food, great people, great culture, it is amazing!

It isn't now, the rail is a massive fail and makes you blow raspberries each time you pass it. This island honestly sucks if you live there.

Oahu is awesome because of Honolulu. There is lots to do there and it is really beautiful.

Very nice place with great beaches and the weather was nice and warm. I loved going to diamond head and snorkelling on the warm water

3 Hawa'i (Big Island)

As a resident of the big island, I have to vote for this, obviously! it's such a fun place to be... you can see an active volcano, and there's rainbow falls! there's lots of fun and touristy attractions, like visiting waikoloa (where it's almost ALWAYS sunny), and (according to the big island offers the best snorkeling and scuba diving out of all the hawaiian islands. anyways, I would definitely recommend visiting the big island

Biggest Hawaiian island and very fun plus its only island where you can see active lava.

4 Kauai

Most beautiful, yet unspoiled and uncrowded. No freeways. Only 66,000 people vs. 800,000 on Oahu.

This should number 1 Best island ever great for kids and Adults

5 Moloka'i

Ever heard of the cliffs of Kaluapapa? Yeah, they're right here in Molokai.

6 Lanai
7 Ni'ihau

Isn't this a private island? you can't come uninvited, I believe. but if you somehow can go to ni'ihau, enjoy it

8 Kaho'olawe
9 Ka‘ula
10 Lehua
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11 Nihoa
12 Molokini

Molokini is not really an island, its just an atoll. But it is cool and fun for snorkeling!

13 Lisianski
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