Top Ten Issues with Nintendo

I made this list why I've heard that Nintendo is a good company but with dated and problematic way of working, while Nintendo Switch and the games have success and to write your opinions and your thoughts without toxicity and fanboyism.

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Horrible online service infrastructure

The Nintendo Switch Online is lackluster for these reasons: 1)The same NES and SNES games, 2)Slow speed and lags when it comes to multiplayer like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, 3)No unique and interesting apps to stand the competition as Nintendo says and 4)No interesting smartphone interaction outside of awful Nintendo Switch Online like to put your own music for the game and to collect golden coins for themes. - Thiseas

Lack of big 3rd party support

I think is Nintendo's fault why they don't understand the hardware which 3rd party developers work especially western ones. At least Nintendo Switch showed some guts with mobile hardware on it and it has somewhat good relationship with Japanese 3rd party but it needs more job to gain confidence with them. - Thiseas

Recycled games and bland story

I mean how many games have Mario saving Peach from Bowser with different ways or 1000 new super mario bros games with the same structure, same story, same enemies but with different powerups. At least the game play is good but they need to make more unique stories and more enemy variety why modern Mario games spinoffs aren't getting interesting anymore. Even the indie games have better plot and variety than majority of them. - Thiseas

Yes, but better not to play these yearly games. I don't know why these games have high sales. - Thiseas

They don't utilize old forgotten franchises

For example if fzero and pikmin don't get modern adaptations I mean new games or at least remake, then the Nintendo library will not getting rich. - Thiseas


Do you remember than Wii and Wii U days when the majority of the games outside of First party, some rough third party ports, virtual console and hidden wii shop channel gems were just Family party games, licensed games from movies, TV shows and pop culture icons like that mms kart game. It was a thing in late 2000's to make family casual games like games involved with physical activites like yoga and zumba with motion controls on Playstation move, Xbox Kinect and we remember that Wii began the craze. Today, the Nintendo Switch has simular problem, but with smaller scale like cheap mobile ports, gimmicky junk like that palm reading app and ports of Wii and Wii U casual game stuff like that Carnival Game published by 2K and the majority of these types of games are found on social platforms like Facebook and Smartphones anyway. - Thiseas

Expensive ports

Just why I see the Witcher 3 costs 50 bucks instead of 20 on other consoles and PC. It's 5 year old game for god's sake and they don't do big discounts anyways like Sony. - Thiseas

Outdated hardware

I think than Nintendo doesn't interested anymore on specs and focuses more on family and children demographics since Wii period. I wish when the new generation of consoles arrives, Nintendo must focus not only on gimmicks but more on technical aspects to create a console powerful enough to run more demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077 why Nintendo Switch hardware will be outdated in a few years, the momentium will be slowed down and the popularity will be declined. - Thiseas

Bad eshop design

For example to find a good game with low discount on Switch, I must navigate through a load of under .99 mediocre garbage in offers section and they make it int best seller section like that random runnner, which is the first positions over quality games. - Thiseas

Mobile game pass

Who wants to pay 40 bucks for the pass of Mario kart tour that just unlocks you characters and karts when you can buy a more quality game like Mario kart 8 at the same time for example. - Thiseas

Awful rewards program

I think that MyNintendo rewards aren't that good why the only things you can redeem with your silver and golden coins are just game discounts on discontinued platforms, PC and mobile wallpaper which of them you can find them free from the Internet, mobile F2P stuff like tickets, calendars with Nintendo characters and papercraft stuff. Why even Japan has great rewards, a working app and the ability to buy physical things from the shop instead for us just generic cheap stuff. Even Club Nintendo had better offerings like character statues even if it wasn't available in many countries. At least, you can use them as voucher to buy games on Switch - Thiseas

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Joy-Con drift
Removing fan projects instead of helping make them

Why Nintendo takes down fan projects like Super Mario 64 - Thiseas

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