Top Ten Italian Football Players of the 2014 FIFA World Cup


The Top Ten

1 Mario Balotelli Mario Balotelli

He did great why does not have a huge temper anymore

Best footballer of the World Cup

2 Andrea Pirlo Andrea Pirlo Andrea Pirlo is an Italian professional footballer who plays for American club New York City FC in Major League Soccer and the Italy national team.

Why is this genius not number 1?

3 Gianluigi Buffon Gianluigi Buffon Gianluigi "Gigi" Buffon is an Italian professional goalkeeper who plays for and captains both Serie A club Juventus and the Italian national team.

So good with goals he's captain here's a song I made to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star;
Gianluigi Buffon
Saves the goals which don't go wrong
Not too fast, not too slow
He will always catch the ball
Gianluigi Buffon
Saves the goals which don't go wrong.

Best goalkeeper in history FIFA gave him that is better than neuer

Best goalkeeper in history

4 Daniele De Rossi
5 Giorgio Chiellini

Suarez is a buttsmeller and is a vampire

He bitten by succkkckckckcing luis swareeez

6 Thiago Motta
7 Antonio Cassano
8 Alberto Aquilani
9 Leonardo Bonucci
10 Marco Veratti

If Pirlo is the king, then Verrati is the prince!

The Contenders

11 Antonio Candreva
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