Top Ten Items from Civilization You Would Like with You, Stranded on a Isle

In this scenario, there's no electricity. Please add any you would need, or want. Choose wisely, who knows how long it will be.. there is wild game on the island, some aggressive. Flora, fuana and sea life abound. A sea worthy vessel is not an option

The Top Ten

1 A flare gun

This is certainly a list worthy to be on "Featured Lists" Really good, N964. All items are appropriate. I can't seem to think of anything else to add to this, except, er, skin cream...? Ha! - Britgirl

Sooner or later, this would be handy - Ned964

2 A tent

The stakes could double as a hunting, fishing spear - Ned964

3 An axe

Gotta have it - Ned964

4 A rifle

At some point, the amount of time spent hunting would have to be reduced, this one item, along with an obvious need for ammunition, would afford that luxury. Game conservation would go hand in hand with this, as would the need for protection from any nasty predators. - Ned964

5 Wet stones, or hones

For obvious reasons - Ned964

6 Boots

Gotta have your feet protected - Ned964

7 Flint stones

The ability to create a simple spark would be priceless - Ned964

8 Ammo

I'm thinking 3,000 rounds at a minimum. Again, conservation would be an immediate concern - Ned964

9 Books

I guess if you didn't have human company these would make suitable companions. - Britgirl

Once a routine was established, books would be an incredible creature comfort - Ned964

10 Vegetable seeds

If its gonna be a spell, Vegtables would be a welcome break from a largely protein diet - Ned964

The Contenders

11 A catapult

Best case scenario: You land near boat
Worst case scenario: you land into sharks

12 Pots & pans
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