Best Items in Cuphead

The items in Cuphead all have a particular purpose and are all fairly balanced, that said, there are reasons to choose certain items over others. This list won't include supers.

The Top Ten

1 Smoke Bomb

First item I bought guaranteed the best item in the game

I use this for legitimately every boss

Too overpowered - BenBricky

It trivialises so many of the bosses in the game by allowing you to dash straight through their attacks. This item is one of the 2 in the game that I believe should be nerfed somehow, because it breaks the game so much. - kempokid

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2 Charge

This weapon nearly has the dps of a spread shot, but has the range of your basic shot, eliminating the issue with spread, where you have to get up close. If the game had more enemies that could summon things to block these shots, it would be fine, but most bosses leave themselves wide open as you melt them, this weapon should do less damage. - kempokid

3 Spread

The damage that this weapon can do is amazing, it also usually isn't that difficult to get up close once you know the game well. It also handles groups of enemies very well. - kempokid

4 Peashooter

The basic weapon in the game works well in most situations, yet is still not too bad offensively, as the weapon has ok dps and great range. - kempokid

5 Coffee

I find this to be a fairly underrated item. While it isn't as good as the smoke bomb, it is a massive help in getting the pacifist ranks in each of the run and gun levels when combined with the invincibility super. - kempokid

6 Lobber

I find this to be a fairly underrated item, while the range might be annoying, the bosses in which it works for become pushovers. Grim Matchstick becomes easy with this. - kempokid

7 Heart Charm

It's a really helpful item if your in a tricky level/boss

I always use this. - BenBricky

I don't think that this item is anywhere near as good as people say it is, the damage lost almost balances out the extra heart, at least based on my experience. - kempokid

8 Chaser

I appreciate the fact that aiming isn't an issue, but the amount of dps is very low, I only find that this is good on bosses that move a lot. - kempokid

9 Roundabout

I don't understand how so many people swear by this item. It's just the peashooter, but with half range, unless you shoot backwards, in which case there is the delay before you start attacking. - kempokid

10 Double Heart Charm

I like this item even less than the single heart charm. The dps gets to the point where any bad player will die anyway, and to make matters worse, you will most likely get this item near the end of the game, making it even more pointless. - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Boomerang Bullets
12 Parry Sugar

This item is the worst in the game simply because it doesn't give you anything new, it just makes it slightly easier to parry, making you worse at the game as you are not truly learning how to play the game properly. - kempokid

13 Whetstone

While the concept is cool, I never found a time where using it would be better than just shooting the enemies. - kempokid

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