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1 The Seven Main Characters Are Based of the Seven Deadly Sins

Never thought of that...
Well we all know Mr. Krabs is greed, that ones obvious... - Turkeyasylum

They said it on the season 1 DVD commentary for "Plankton! ".
Gary=gluttony - Garythesnail

They did? That makes the show even more awesome for me (At least for the two movies and season 1-4)

Lust = SpongeBob
Greed=Mr. Krabs
Gluttony=Gary - Puga

2 There Are Bad Pre-Movie Episodes

Nature Pants, Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost, The Chaperone, I was a Teenage Gary, Grandma's Kisses, Dumped, I'm With Stupid, Party Pooper Pants, The Great Snail Race, Born Again Krabs, Krabby Land and The Sponge Who Could Fly are being the few bad pre-movie Spongebob episodes.

Nature Pants, Krabby Land, The Great Snail Race, Party Pooper Pants, I was a Teenage Gary, The Chaperone, and Dumped - Datguyisweird666

Plus, "Nature Pants" is the most underrated in the entire series. Deserves way more respect. - Goatworlds

Let's see, there's "Fools in April", "I'm With Stupid", "The Great Snail Race", "The Chaperone", "Dumped", "Krabby Land", "Arrgh! ", "Bubble Buddy", and most episodes that contain Pearl (The Chaperone got its own section by being really stupid and boring) - Goatworlds

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3 The Newer Episodes Are Terrible

I actually like all the episodes. Stop saying the newer ones were horrible! - cosmo

Not all newer episodes are terrible there are many that are good - PatrickStar

4 Spongebob Is Annoying
5 The Newer Episodes Are Funny

My opinion is that the newer episodes can be very funny - PatrickStar

6 It Should Be Cancelled

I totally disagree with this they should continue it. - PatrickStar

If they can write some better episodes and if the creator stays then yeah they should continue It. They are making season 10 after the movie.

Actually it's Season 9 after the movie - Adrianlee148

They are making season 6 - 2storm

7 Rocko's Modern Life Was a Thousand Times Better

This list is was made by a troll. Rock's modern life sucks very bad!

8 To Love a Patty was Disturbing
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