Items That Should Be In a Legend of Zelda Game


The Top Ten

1 chainsaw

Legend of Zelda + Chainsaw = Awesomeness... And also killing random crap at random times for no reason at all... RANDOMLY.

any obstacle could be instantly removed - moose4life19

it would be cool for killing things - moose4life19

it would make the games perfect - moose4life19

2 flamethrower

you could be like Boba Fett - moose4life19

3 whip

Gonna be used in Skyward Sword, as well as the only feasible item on this list! Gonna be sweet :P Get all Indiana Jones in Ganon's face! - Oreanta

Actually they made this item in spirit tracks! It is my all time favorite item! - moose4life19

4 SIG 556 SWAT assault rifle
5 chain
6 lamborghini
7 missile launcher

it would be nice to throw missile at monster and watch them explode

8 lockhead martin
9 camoflauged explosives
10 golden mail

The Contenders

11 AK-47
12 plasma rifle
13 Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle
14 Kote
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