Top 10 Items That Should Be In Minecraft 1.9

The Top Ten

1 Emerald Gear and Tools

Ya I agree with all that u said

Emerald only has one use trading with villagers. Villagers have terrible trades.
Better than diamond

2 Copper Ore

This would be a cool ore.

They with have gear and tools its same as iron

3 Different Colored Beds

First make a normal bed then get any type of dye then put it in a crafting table together

4 Bugs
5 Chairs

That should totally be in Minecraft

You can sit on them

6 Ruby Ore

Craft ruby and emerald to Make OP Weapons and Gear WYI gives you regeneration 5 Resistance 10
And Strength 50 so you will NOT take damage! You hit 500000000000 Jk 59+

7 Grapple Hook

Go 50 blocks at the most and has some knockback

8 Reinforced Gold

The tools and gear last longer to make it you craft iron ingot + gold ingot then smelt it

9 Battle Axe

2 Iron Axes side by side in crafting. Has a greater chance to disable shields. +7 Attack Damage, -%50 Attack Speed.

I say it should be 1 hit point lower than sword of any type

10 Healing Orb

1 Magma Cream, 1 Dragon's Breath Potion, 1 Emerald, 1 Eye Of Ender for crafting. Gives Regeneration if held. Takes 5 Durability Every 2 secs held.

The Contenders

11 Cars

We already have carts so what's the point

This is gonna happen.

Drivable cars car drive up 2-3 blocks runs on coal as fuel

Crafting recipe 2 wheels 4 iron ingots and 1 glass

Wheels are made out of 1 iron ingot 4 coal

12 Birds
13 Portals
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