Top Ten Items On TheTopTens That Need to Be Ranked Higher On Their Respective Lists

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1 Midori: Shojo Tsubaki - Top 10 Worst Anime
2 What do you do when a blonde throws a grenade at you? - Best Blonde Jokes!

Nothing, she forgot to pull the pin.

3 Ratchet & Clank (2016) - Most Disappointing Video Game Reboots and Remakes
4 Peluchin Entertainment - Worst YouTube Channels
5 A "Kill All Children Under 8 Policy" - Worst Ways Humanity Can End
6 Parappa the Rapper - Cutest Video Game Characters
7 After Last Season - Worst Movies of All Time
8 MattsWhatItIs - Worst YouTube Channels
9 SpongeBob - Most Annoying Cartoon Characters

So he should be number 0? - Alkadikce

10 David Bowie - Top 10 Sexiest Men in the World

The Contenders

11 The Nutshack - Top Ten Worst Cartoons Ever
12 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Top Ten Movies, TV Series and Video Games that Contain Homosexual or Bisexual Characters but Don't Make a Big Deal of It
13 She Is a Girl (Worst Things About Dora) - Things That Shouldn't Be Number One On Their List
14 Yo Mama So Stupid She Brought Toilet Paper to a Craps Game - Best Yo Mama So Stupid Jokes

Don't even know this team or what sport this even is, but this is a FANTASTIC list! Why is it not in the spotlight? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 Girlfriend by Kabbage Boy - Worst Songs of All Time
16 Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Top 10 Fictional LGBT Couples
17 Characters Who Enjoyed the SpongeBob SquarePants Episode One Coarse Meal - Top 10 Lists That Should Be Removed from TheTopTens
18 Rachel Riley - Worst Big Brother US House Guests
19 Dora the Explorer, Barney, Justin Bieber, and Nicki Minaj preforming live as a band, with Miley Cyrus as the bodyguard - Worst Things to Find in a Store
20 Psychonauts - Weirdest Video Games of All Time
21 Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa Harlaown - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Top Ten Anime Couples
22 K9 Aversion - Worst YouTube Channels
23 UmJammer Lammy - Most Underrated Video Games
24 Nanoha Takamachi (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) - Top Ten Magical Girl Protagonists
25 Pedro Lopez - Ten Most Evil People in History
26 Gwen and Cody - Best Total Drama Couples
27 Cancer - Worst Ways to Die
28 Another Metroid 2 Remake - Best Game Remakes
29 Rocko's Modern Life - Best Cartoons of All Time

CONSIDERABLY so - xandermartin98

30 Nanoha Takamachi - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Most Badass Female Anime Characters
31 Niger - Worst Countries to Live In Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River.
32 Signum - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Sexiest Anime/Video Game Female Characters
33 Vsauce - Best YouTubers
34 Positronwildhawk Dies - Worst Things That Can Happen In Life
35 Iggy Azalea - Best Rappers Amethyst Amelia Kelly, born June 7, 1990 known professionally as Iggy Azalea, is an Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, and model.

SOMEONE voted thank goodness

36 Axiom Verge - Best Indie Games of All Time
37 Horrid Henry: The Movie - Worst Movies of the 2010s
38 What Does the Fox Say? - Worst Songs of All Time
39 Cave Story - Best Indie Games
40 Liv and Maddie - Best TV Shows of All Time Liv and Maddie is a live-action Disney Channel sitcom that started on July 19, 2013, and ended on March 24, 2017. It is about two identical twin sisters named Olivia "Liv" Rooney and Madison "Maddie" Rooney (both portrayed by actress Dove Olivia Cameron; born in January 1996 as Chloe Celeste Hosterman) more.
41 Gordy - Best Disney Movies
42 I'm Still Breathing - Best Katy Perry songs
43 Baby - Best Songs
44 Foodfight - Worst Movies of All Time
45 Super Metroid - Video Games With the Best Soundtracks
46 Asgore Dreemurr - Cutest Characters in Undertale
47 Parappa the Rapper - Most Unique Playstation One Games that Revolutionized Gaming
48 On The Floor by Icejjfish - Worst Songs of All Time
49 The Iron Giant - Best Animated Movies of All Time
50 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Best Manga Ever
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