Top 10 Best IVR Service Providers in India of 2024

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a technology that allows for sending immediate feedback by a keystroke or voice.

An IVR system can be fully automated or work in tandem with live operators. With an IVR system, the robot can interact with a customer, collect information, and transfer a call to an operator if needed.
The Top Ten
1 Effebot Visit Website
2 Fonada

Fonada leads as India's top cloud-based telephony IVR service provider. Offering CPaaS solutions for voice, text, and AI, Fonada assists in call redirection, instant messaging, automated filtering, and targeted user communication.

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3 Servetel

Servetel stands out as a premier cloud telephony IVR Service Provider, offering toll-free and virtual numbers, voice streaming, and IVR-based services. Trusted by major corporations like Cipla, SAP, OLA, and Cars24.

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4 Exotel

Exotel delivers interactive voice services and ranks as one of India's top IVR providers. Serving notable clients such as Practo, Redbus, and Quikr with innovative solutions from Bangalore.

5 MyOperator

Collaborating with industry giants like Make My Trip and Lenskart, MyOperator offers interactive voice services and robust voice systems for businesses.

6 CallHippo

Despite its playful name, CallHippo provides a range of functions and integrations for serious business needs. Serving clients like Instagram, Deloitte, and Adobe with reliable IVR solutions.

7 Bay Talkitec

Bay Talkitec simplifies communication with CIM, Mobile Vas, and Smart VIG video gateway services. Trusted by government entities like the Airport Authority of India and private firms like Reliance Infocomm.

8 IVR Guru

IVR Guru offers an adaptable cloud-based telephonic solution for customer engagement, including virtual number options for cost-effective communication strategies.

9 Genesys

Genesys leads in customer experience management solutions globally, ensuring support and uptime for businesses in over 120 countries.

10 Ozonetel

Ozonetel provides multi-level IVR solutions for organized call management, allowing users to communicate effectively using spoken language or DTMF tones in a cloud-based platform.

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