Best Jackie Evancho Albums

She Has the finest new singing voice of the 21st Century. With Her Albums She Has a Voice of an Angel. Totally the Most Wonderful Voice a Singer could have.

The Top Ten

1 Awakening

Hard to pick a favorite because each is the best Jackie album of its release year. But this one is the latest, if not the greatest. - BobG

I don't like doing this because I have watched her grow into this unbelievable singer who captured my heart. I love all her songs.

2 Songs from the Silver Screen
3 Dream With Me


4 Two Hearts

Every single Jackie album can be considered her best. That's how good she really is. That being said, Jackie has expanded the distance to new heights with her new album, "Two Hearts". Don't believe me? Go buy the album. You won't be disappointed.

Contains several original songs that Jackie wrote herself.

This album hit #1 on the Billboard Classical Chart.

Jackie's studio album slated for March 2017 release

5 O Holy Night
6 Heavenly Christmas
7 Dream With Me In Concert

This is where we first saw and heard what this young lady was capable of. David Foster brought out her best. - Trancas

8 Someday at Christmas
9 Prelude to a Dream
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