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1 O Holy Night

Jackie usually does several concerts during December, and always includes several Christmas songs among the selections when she does, so no matter how old she gets, this song will always be a possibility at any of her concerts.

One of my favorite performances of all is the Jay Leno version, followed closely by the Rockefeller Center, then Queen Latifah. All different, all definitive and legendary performances.

The Carnegie Hall version done with Sir James Galway is done in a slightly different and more formal style, but still beautiful.

2 Lovers

Jackie clearly has the smoothest and most angelic voice of our time, but I find her stage presence on the DWM DVD uncanny. So much poise, grace and confidence at such a young age. This is especially the case with her performance of Lovers which, by the way, is far superior to Kathleen Battle's version from House of Flying Daggers. Jackie has complete command of the stage as she appears at the microphone with the lights dimmed and totally owns the audience with her indescribable presence, passion and endearing hand gestures as she delivers a vocal performance for the ages.

What passion and drama, from the angelic-voiced little girl who can portray the deep heartbreak she's never yet had to undergo herself

3 Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
4 Angel
5 What a Wonderful World

Best version since Louis Armstrong.
And I think even he would be pleased.

6 Nella Fantasia

You can never pick one song,... But I pick this one, without explanation... All of Jackie's songs tear your heart out and thank your maker for this Heavenly Child.

One of my favorites. Her performance of this song on "The Talk" with Sharon Osborne hits you like a beam of sunlight on a rainy day. - BobG

7 Once Upon a December

Jackie's new song selections fit superbly with the soon 15 year young Jackie. Her musical and personal growth are "one for the ages".

Jackie began including this great song from the 1997 animated move "Anastasia" in her concerts starting in February of 2015.

8 O Mio Babbino Caro
9 The Rains of Castamere

The just-released video for this includes very beautiful and artistic cutout animation.

Her newest single, the song is from "Game of thrones", and was just released in June of 2014, and will be included in the upcoming CD "Awakening", slated for September of 2014.

10 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Jackie presented this song at the Songwriters Hall of Fame gathering in NYC 2014. A sample of her singing is on YT. If she records it, she will own it forever. Absolutely beyond words.

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11 Dream With Me
12 Bridge Over Troubled Water

This was actually a solo number for her, with her accompanist and his grand piano rising up from underwater.

She also sang in the finale, portraying the character "Nouit - Representative of the Starry Sky, performing "Hymn for the Worlds" while hanging 50 feet above the "O" Theater stage (dropping down from the 100 foot start point). Quite an experience for an exceptional young lady. - Trancas

As performed at the "One Drop" charity event in spring of 2013. Amazing performance, and she was standing in ankle-deep water as part of the Cirque Du Soleil troupe.

13 My Immortal

Magnificent, a cover version that surpasses the original.

Currently available only on the Japanese-release of Awakening.

Attendees at the taping of the new T.V. special report this was absolutely amazing, with Jackie even playing the piano and singing!

14 Imaginer

No, no - she sang John Lennon's "Imagine" (English Language) at the United Nations. This is the song by Lara Fabian, who re-did the lyrics especially for Jackie as a French song of hope and idealism.

Cover of John Lennon's masterpiece, as she preformed it for the United Nations children's rights conference on 11/20/14.

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15 All of the Stars

I really love that she can sing pop and classical! And in all her recent singles she keeps a bit of a classical crossover tone, which I absolutely adore! ❤

16 Somewhere

To combine an incredible voice with deep emotional understanding AND to then understate in deference to the occasion is the sign of a master.

Sung for the Servicemen who gave so much, and for those left behind.
Jackie's heartfelt performance was overwhelming.

17 Safe and Sound

I love this! She really can do it all...

18 Say Something

An incomparable duet with Cheyenne Jackson. From her PBS special "Awakening - In Concert".

19 Think of Me

Released as an advance single from the upcoming album "Awakening"

20 Blank Space

Cover of Taylor Swift's song, done in Jackie's incomparable voice with a little pop flair at her sold-out concert in Las Vegas, January 31, 2015

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