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21 Attesa - Jackie Evancho

What is a perfect example of Jackie's perfection? Attesa. - Buggy01

Just listen. You will know why this should be #1 - Buggy01

22 My Heart Will Go On

At the 2014 National Memorial Day Concert, there was not a dry eye in the crowd of 300,000 when Jackie performed this number.

Jackie sang this for the audience, not to promote herself.
The result was incredible powerful and poignant.
She has my admiration for her ethical approach to performance.
An amazing young lady in so many ways.

23 Go Time

Just released as a video clip in association with the clothing brand Justice. It is Jackie's first "pop" release on a major record label.

24 Vocalise

A sneak-peek of the rehearsal sessions from "Awakening" is all we have of this; and it is truly breathtaking.

25 Your Love (Once Upon a Time in the West)

I love this song, so calming and elegant!

She performed this on NBC T.V. 's "Today Show", and tore the house down!

26 With or Without You

Love this version! Awakening for me, is her best album... So far!

A few lucky people have gotten an early listen to the "Awakening" CD due out on 9/23/14, and several report this is their favorite.

27 Made to Dream

An original song from the album "awakening", the lyrics fit her perfectly.

28 The Star Spangled Banner

Jackie has performed this for Pittsburgh Pirates MLB, Detroit Lions NFL, Pittsburgh Penguins NHL, and hopefully for the 2015 or 2016 Super Bowl.

29 La Vie En Rose
30 The First Noel
31 Hallelujah

Invited Peter Hollens to perform the duet at her recent concert in Portland, Oregon, with sensational results!

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32 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

An old favorite from Phantom of the Opera, that Jackie revived for her sold-out concert in Florida 3/24/15.

33 Guardian Angels
34 Writing's On the Wall

To be honest I'm a huge fan of all her singles! She really is "THE VOICE"!

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