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21 To Believe

Another great "Let's make the world better" song, this one written by her uncle, Matt Evancho. Jackie's sincere little prayer in the middle brings tears every time!

She sings this song beautifully 😍
She's insanely talented.

22 Safe and Sound
23 Say Something

Yet again, the one by which all others will now be judged! - myglaren

Wonderful duet with Cheyenne Jackson on her PBS special "Awakening - In Concert" and on YouTube.

24 Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Duet with "Acapella King" Peter Hollens on Peter's 2016 Christmas album.

25 Bridge Over Troubled Water

Miss Evancho performed this only one time, at the "One Drop" charity event in 2013, in conjunction with Cirque Du Soleil.

Paulie and Artie are definitely smiling after hearing this.

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26 Attesa

The most fantastic, perfect example of Perfection. Jackie Evancho. - Buggy01

She has attained yet another level with this one.

27 Your Love [Once Upon a Time In the West]

I was surprised this one was way down here. Its in the top 5 in my opinion. There are only a handful that could even hit the notes cleanly and very few could do it effortlessly with perfect control and intonation. Which is probably why so few have attempted to record it.

There are those who may disagree but again, Jackie's rendition is now the definitive version of this beautiful song. - myglaren

The bit where she changes key and repeats the words with added depth is just sublime. It makes me shiver.

28 Believe
29 A Thousand Years

Performed as a duet as a special guest star with Fernando Varela during his "Coming Home" T.V. concert special, recorded in November 2016.

30 All of the Stars

Just released. Another stepping-stone, another facet to the Jewel.

31 Someday at Christmas

Performed on the America's Got Talent "Christmas Special".

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32 Mi Mancherai

Listening to this glorious performance makes me believe that humanity is worth saving. If Jackie can create such beauty, can't we at least try to be better people?

Heartbreakingly packed with emotion. Jackie's is the new definitive version of this song, as are so many of the songs she takes to her heart. - myglaren

In my opinion Jackie's performance of this on DWMIC was the greatest ever performance of any song by any artist ever! I'm staggered it's so low in this poll. Just remind yourselves again fellow fans and come back and vote for it!

33 Go Time

Full of energy and just plain fun! - Trancas

Just released as a video clip for the clothing brand Justice, and Jackie's first foray into pop music with a major record label.

I'm listening to this right now. it's just plain fun to watch and to listen

34 Vocalise

This must have been one of the hardest songs for her to learn. To learn a song from memory, the words help to cue you to what comes next. Having no lyrics she had to just learn the melody completely rote since she's said she can't read music.

They said she would never be able to sing this, but she did and made a masterpiece of it. - myglaren

35 Danny Boy

Thanks! This was fun going through these "Jackie Evancho" songs and seeing how many I knew the artist that really did them.

An old classic that Jackie made even better.

I really love her version of this song.

This is truly a tear-jerker.

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36 Coming Home, Pt. II
37 Fix You V 2 Comments
38 Moon Over the Ruined Castle

AKA "Moon Over The Ruined Castle".
Sung in Japanese, and available in the US only as an Import on the Japanese release.

Sung in the original Japanese; according to many native speakers, her pronunciation was close to perfect.

Her Japanese is perfect, very beautiful.
She completely expresses a susceptible heart of this song.

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39 To Where You Are

The unrehearsed version of this in the café before performing with David Foster, completely off the cuff and a capella is outstanding.

The control that she has over her voice, especially at that age, defies credibility and puts to shame many far more experienced singers. - myglaren

40 Writing's On the Wall
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