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41 Memory Memory
42 Pie Jesu Pie Jesu
43 Dark Waltz

The very best version of this song in my opinion. Filled with emotion and an unmatched depth and fluidity. - myglaren

44 My Heart Will Go On My Heart Will Go On

I'd always thought this song was mostly wishful thinking, until I heard YOU sing it Memorial Day, Jackie, like an angel of hope, consolation, and love!

As performed on May 25, 2014 on PBS-T.V. 's National Memorial Day Concert.
The perfect tribute to our fallen heroes.

I think see sang this song better than Celine dion... This song deserves a better place than this... at least in top 10

She kills this song, I cry every time.

I loved Caroline Campbell's violin accompaniment during the MOTM T.V. special.

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45 The Lord's Prayer The Lord's Prayer
46 She Knew

A treasure from Jackie's past, performed only one time, in Nashville onstage with songwriter James Breedwell when she was just 9 years old. Released on YouTube for only a few minutes before going back into Breedwell's private file.

If you watch the YT video with superimposed lyrics, she doesn't sing it exactly the way he wrote it. This may be because she only first heard it the day before and hadn't practiced it much yet, but I think she improved it in some ways.

Thankfully, James Breedwell has changed his mind and re-posted this amazing video.

47 Memories

While Jackie modestly says otherwise, this is another improvement on the original. - myglaren

48 Blank Space

Cover of Taylor Swift's pop song, as performed at Jackie's sold-out Las Vegas concert January 31, 2015.

49 L'amore Sei Tu

Performed in Italian, this is the Italian version of "I Will Always Love You".

50 Made to Dream Made to Dream

An original song from the album "Awakening", the lyrics fit her perfectly.

51 Danny Boy

Thanks! This was fun going through these "Jackie Evancho" songs and seeing how many I knew the artist that really did them.

An old classic that Jackie made even better.

I really love her version of this song.

This is truly a tear-jerker.

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52 Tears In Heaven

She has not sung this in a long time, hopefully again soon.

53 The Prayer

A real tear-jerker written by Jackie's sometime producer David Foster. It had been on her first CD at age 9, but she had not performed it for several years, until it appeared in the setlist of the 2016 concert tour.

54 Hymn of the Worlds

Performed while suspended from two wires 90 feet above the stage during the finale of the "One Drop" charity event with Cirque du Soleil.

55 Teaching Angels How to Fly

From her first album "Prelude to a Dream", and one of the first indicators that she was going to be able to make the toughest of tough guys cry like babies.

56 The Star Spangled Banner

Performed at several sporting events, including Pittsburgh Pirates MLB baseball game, Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic NHL hockey game, and Detroit Lions NFL football game. With luck also at the 2015 or 2016 Super Bowl.

Jackie's is without a shadow of doubt the absolute and unquestionable best performance of this difficult song I have encountered. All others just leave it alone from now on - myglaren

I have to imagine Jackie's on a short list at the Super Bowl planning committee office to sing the anthem. I'd be surprised if they don't invite her before she turns 18. Who remembers who sang it last year? I would love to see her sing the 4th stanza, imagine the buzz for that.

She has performed this at MLB, NFL, and NHL venues.

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57 Somewhere Somewhere

As performed on the lawn of the United States Capitol at the "National Memorial Day Concert".

58 Only Time

Performed only once; at the bride's request at the "Wedding of the Century" in Florida.

Superb version of this song under difficult conditions and Jackie completely owned it. - myglaren

59 Time to Say Goodbye/Con Te Partiro

The second appearance on "America's Got Talent", which proved she was not lip-synching, and the duet in St. Petersburg with SumiJo were both amazing performances.

Her duet with Andrea Bocelli during their concert in Thailand topped them all!

60 Reflection Reflection
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