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Jackie Evancho. A singer who was known since her outstanding appearance in "America's Got Talent". Also known because of the outstanding number of votes she receives on many lists around The Top Tens! I'm doing this list to her in gratitude. She's responsible of my achievement of 100 votes on a list! And she has an angelic voice. Really. Perhaps the best female voice I've ever heard.

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61 Reflection
62 Se

Theme from the movie "Cinema Paradiso", Jackie does an amazing job interpreting this emotional number.

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63 The Impossible Dream

Jackie's magnificent version of the song from the 1965 Broadway play and 1972 movie production of "Man of La Mancha"

The original by Richard Kiley was amazing, and Raul Julia in the 90's revival was great, and Peter O'Toole was dubbed in the movie [probably for the best] but as old men like Quixote, their versions were more bitter and defiant, while much younger [and of course female] Jackie was more triumphant. Who is Jack Jones?

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64 With or Without You

This is also one of her personal favorites to perform in concert.

When Jackie is singing this, I have to listen to the entire song.

Getting to be an audience favorite in her concert repertoire.

So happy that Jackie is branching out more with her styles.

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65 Imagine

You would certainly think that Jackie's presentation of this song to the United Nations is exactly what John would have intended.

A cover of John Lennon's masterpiece, performed for the United Nations on 11/20/14, and is a completely different song than the one titled "Imaginer" which was on her DWM album, and is even in French!

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66 Hallelujah

I heard at least 10 different cover versions of this song, and none could compare with Cohen's original, at least until Jackie and Peter completed this work of art.

I really like this one, I hope Jackie does it solo sometime in the future.

Leonard Cohen wrote this song, and Jackie teamed up with "Acapella King" Peter Hollens to create the most unique and beautiful cover that has ever been done of this all-time classic.

Jackie was so good singing Acapella on this, if there is a movie "Pitch Perfect 3", she should be cast in the lead, she would be Aca-Perfect.

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67 A Time for Us

Johnny Mathis and Jackie! What a match that would be. WOW!

68 Walking In the Air

From "The Snowman", included on her "Heavenly Christmas" album.

69 Concrete Angel

From her album 'Prelude to a Dream'.

Proves that an angelic child may retain her innocence even though unsheltered from and aware of the grim realities of this troubled world - E.g., lethal child abuse in this reality- based Martina McBride song. She smiles at the beginning and end of the video, but looks so sad while singing - "possessed by the music," as she describes it.

70 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Added to Jackie's concert setlist at her sold out Florida tour stop on march 24, 2015.

71 Someday

As far as I can tell, she's never performed this in concert and you could only get it if you bought the deluxe DWM cd from Target. I tripped over it on YouTube but it's one of my very favorites of hers. Look for it on YouTube and see for yourself

72 Ombré Mai Fu
73 I'll Be Home for Christmas
74 Ding Dong Merrily On High
75 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
76 Dream With Me

Co-written by Jackie.

77 Bring Me to Life

Long hidden in the video vault, the video of 9-year old Jackie singing this in Nashville was finally released in 2016. A couple of microphone malfunctions during the performance is the likely reason for not releasing it previously.

78 Amazing Grace

Originally on her independent release "Prelude to a Dream", in January of 2016 she sang this backstage during a meet & greet appearance that was being filmed.

Appears on her early independent album "Prelude to a Dream", and also performed backstage atfter her Florida concert in 2016.

79 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
80 Guardian Angels Ft. Placido Domingo

A beautiful duet on Placido's 2015 Christmas album; quite an honor for Jackie to have been included in two numbers on it, considering he was one of the famed "Three Tenors", which included Luciano Pavarotti as a member.

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