Top Ten Jacksepticeye Series

Jack(Sean) is one of my favorite youtubers and has made me laugh countless times. Here are some of his best series.

The Top Ten

1 Happy Wheels

Pity it ended, it was an amazing series


2 Grand Theft Auto 5


3 Skate 3

'BETTY YOU ASS! ' Jacksepticeye-Skate 3

4 Reading Your Comments
5 BeamNG.Drive
6 Undertale

The series that got me into Jack. For this I am forever grateful.

Just finished it a few moments ago. One of the most heatfelt, hilarious and adorable series on the entire channel. I wasn't into video games during the undertale trend, but I 100% want to get it and re-live it and do all of the fun voices that Jack did.

Yass UNDERTALE is awesome


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7 Kerbal Space Program
8 Turbo Dismount
9 Goat Simulator

Hehe this game got me laughing my ass off I mean it's hilarious plus jacks amazing commentary!

10 Subnautica

The Newcomers

? Shadow of the Colossus

It gave great insight into Jack as a person and his love for games as a whole.

The Contenders

11 Night in the Woods

This series should be higher up on this list instead of just his popular series. I loved every second of this play through.

Best story driven series in his channel

12 Papers, Please

DETAINED - DatRabidSlushie

13 Life Is Strange
14 God of War 4 God of War 4
15 Uncharted 4
16 Until Dawn

I loved this series. So much that I was sad when it was over.

17 Super Mario Maker
18 Outlast
19 Five Nights at Freddy's
20 Hard Time
21 Bacon
22 Tube Tycoon
23 Slime Rancher

I started watching Mandopony's Slime Rancher series before Jack's, but it kind of led to that. What an adorable game! - LeiaSkywalker

24 The Escapists
26 Turmoil
27 Sims 4

Yes I love it and remember he is not s exist I like how he has to point that out so much lol

28 Rick and Mort Virtual Rick-Ality
29 Antisepticeye
30 Bully
31 Cuphead
32 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
33 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!

Don’t judge this game by its cover. It is evil!

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