Top Ten Jacksepticeye Series

Jack(Sean) is one of my favorite youtubers and has made me laugh countless times. Here are some of his best series.

The Top Ten

1 Happy Wheels

Unforgettable, all time classic


Pity it ended, it was an amazing series


2 Grand Theft Auto 5

Should be undertale here


3 Skate 3

Double flips son

Never gets old to me

'BETTY YOU ASS! ' Jacksepticeye-Skate 3

4 Reading Your Comments

Great series - PatrickStar3

5 BeamNG.Drive

SO funny

6 Undertale

The best series I have ever watched on the channel. It's funny, heartwarming, and just all around amazing. When you watch the him playing, you can really tell that Sean absolute loved it, and that his whole heart was in the game. The voices he gave all the characters were the BEST possible voices for the characters, and I mean that. Whenever I see Papyrus, Sean's voice for him automatically comes into my head. If you don't think you would like Undertale, please give it a chance, and watch Jack play it.

He really embraced Undertale, you can tell he loved it just as much as the fans did. His voices for all of the characters were on point, I can vouch for many viewers by saying that. He opened our eyes to the beauty of Undertale. A beautiful game played by a beautiful person.

There is no best series, but this is one of the top no matter how you look at it. However Jacksepticeye is the thing you should want to watch and not a specific game because otherwise you could just look up "top 10 video games". Jacksepticeye is the experience here, not a specific game.

Damn it is GOOD. Love it because of the sheer emotions this series gives me. Beautiful. I suggest watching the genocide part after the normal part and you will really get the feels man.

7 Kerbal Space Program
8 Subnautica

Game was amazing! But watching his reaction to the game made it even better!

This series is the best thing ever! dab fam dab lit squad foot dab fam!

This was a amazing game

Best game

9 Turbo Dismount
10 Night in the Woods

Really enjoyed watching how Jack played it.

Great voices Greg is the best though

This series should be higher up on this list instead of just his popular series. I loved every second of this play through.

This series was amazing


The Contenders

11 Detroit: Become Human

Best Story Line EVER! It is a choice based game and is taken place in the future. You need to watch it for yourself!

Honestly. It was more entertaining to watch than most movies

My name is conner I'm the android sent by cyber life

This was honestly the best! It’s so interesting to see the way Sean connects with the characters!

12 Goat Simulator

Hehe this game got me laughing my ass off I mean it's hilarious plus jacks amazing commentary!

13 Life Is Strange

A very good story based game to watch when bored

14 Papers, Please

I enjoyed every episode of this series! I love the game as much as he does

DETAINED - DatRabidSlushie

15 God of War 4 God of War 4


16 The Escapists

So good and very thrilling to watch my favourite series on the Chanel I reccomend watching it

17 Uncharted 4
18 Bully
19 Antisepticeye

Come closer bitch

��Come Closer! - MorganDunn

20 Stories Untold
21 Prop Hunt
22 Until Dawn

I loved this series. So much that I was sad when it was over.

23 Cuphead

Not only is the game itself great, but so is Jack. His relatable humor, struggle with the game, and amazing enthusiasm just adds to the concept of this amazing game. I've rewatched his gameplay so much, I can never get over it.

Not only was his rage commentary. But his love for the game ‘caused every viewer to fall in love with him and the game. Completely recommend.

24 Kindergarten

Nuggets voice is on point though...

The 2nd best after...

HAPPY WHELS! - PatrickStar3

The commentary in this game though! His struggles through it and his role play was just spot on. I’m obsessed with this game play series of Jack’s.

25 Minecraft Minecraft

I've just grown so addicted to this series! Even more than Pewdiepie's series! - Daviddv0601

26 Hard Time
27 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!

Don’t judge this game by its cover. It is evil!

28 Shadow of the Colossus

It gave great insight into Jack as a person and his love for games as a whole.

29 Spider-Man PS4

Combination between the best youtuber and one of the top 3 storys ever told made this series my favorite

30 The Boss

Beautiful game hard to believe that this was fan made the ending was actually amazing and me cry should be higher and how is it unranked

Amazing game

31 Bacon
32 Slime Rancher

What an adorable game! And being played by an even more adorable manchild was too much cuteness for my heart to handle! - LeiaSkywalker

33 Turmoil
34 Tales from the Borderlands

good fame

good game

This game is hilarious and with jack it makes it 6x funnier, it also has a great story. I cannot tell you how many times i’ve rewatched this!

35 Outlast

I absolutely LOVED Jack's series of Outlast, especially because this was an old series. You may sometimes hear jack going on 'bout how he has to be more careful with what he says now-n-days due to his follower count- most of which being children. So being an older series just made it more enjoyable to watch Jack being Jack. Though, don't think I'm saying he's not funny these days, that's the complete opposite. ANYWAY, hope you enjoyed reading this. (Even though you probably won't see it, or like it regardless.)

36 Five Nights at Freddy's
37 Sims 4

Yes I love it and remember he is not s exist I like how he has to point that out so much lol

38 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
39 Planet Coaster

Pretty Chill Videos He Made About This Game

40 Super Mario Maker
42 Rick and Mort Virtual Rick-Ality
43 Eviebot
44 Infamous Second Son

It is the best game jacksep ti eye has ever played

45 Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
46 Bendy and the Ink Machine

A game that Jack absolutely loved playing and you will love watching!

47 Oxenfree
48 Valiant Hearts: The Great War
49 Tube Tycoon
50 Hello Neighbor
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