Top 10 Jacob Sartorius Songs


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1 Sweatshirt

This list should not exist, there is no such thing as a good Jacob Sartorious song! - Neonco31

This song is OK. Not my favourite, but its fun to make fun of - SeeU

I love you I am a really a very big fan of your account and can you tell me what your email is please

I love you Jacob Sartorius
My name trinity Le
I am your big fan

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2 The Rap God

6minutes of rapping and not just normal rapping. No, it's Marshall Mathers. This is the best rap ever made in the history of rap. 7million views in 1 day on youtube, that is something. If we could all just vote for this song, that would be great. And he is not the king, he is the God. - nwolf1151

Eminem = great rapping
Jacob Sartorius = 0/10 - wheelers-

Eminem deserves a 10/10.

Jacob Sartorius deserves a 0/10.

Jacob is cancer. His fans 7-12 who either barley hit puberty or not hit puberty listens to his songs. Since he was popular, there was many cases of ear raped syndrome or ear cancer.

Please like to help end ear cancer and ear raped syndrome.

3 Dat Boi

A truly inspirational song about jacob's long life and his struggles in the hood. Made me cry :') - nwolf1151

4 Jacob Boy

This is even better than that Boi in my opinion. It's a story on how jacob got bullied growing up - nwolf1151

5 By Your Side


6 Doge
7 O S*** Waddup
8 Love Me Back
9 Damn Daniel
10 Hit or Miss (Explicit Version)

Haha. This song sucks. - Catacorn

Jacob Sartorius has explicit songs? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?!

Wow this is some real rap - nwolf1151

The Contenders

11 Skateboard

Ok,I'm going to to be honest SKATEBOARD is the best out of all his songs even though it's a bit autotuned but anyways I listen to it when I mad so it helps. I think this is GOOD song

12 Pepe the Frog Pepe the Frog

Best Jacob Sartorius song ever

13 Bingo

baby jacob

14 What is My Life

What am I doing with my life? - wheelers-

15 All My Friends

The only catchy Jacob Sartorius song. I give All My Friends a 2/10, since I am fully aware that's its beat was stolen from the Justin Bieber/Major Lazer songs.

16 Last Text

This is my favorite JS song. Love you JS.

17 No Music
18 Chapstick Chapstick

I love this song. Also, I love that jenna ortega is in it.

19 Abc Freestyle
20 Jordans Jordans
21 Idk
22 Cozy
23 Bruh
24 Hit Me Back
25 Selfish Selfish
26 Nothing Without You
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