Top Ten Best Jacqueline Wilson Books

Jacqueline Wilson fans, welcome! This is my first list on my proper profile. How A M A Z I N G ! ! ! !

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1 Queenie

Queenie is an adorable book. Little Elsie is so cute and I love the little hospital cat: Queenie.

2 The Story of Tracy Beaker
3 Candyfloss
4 The Worst Thing About My Sister
5 Kiss
6 Bad Girls
7 Opal Plumstead
8 My Sister Jodie

I loved her books when I was younger but obviously not any more, however I did think this book was actually really good (except the main boy, he was annoying) - pjo

9 The Butterfly Club

Her new ones aren't as good - pjo

10 The Longest Whale Song

So moving.

The Contenders

11 The Lottie Project

My all time favourite. I read all her books and I still like this the best as it was the first one I read. It also reminds me of when I was in yr 6

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12 Lily Alone

Lily alone is such a marvellous book. Lily and her younger sisters and younger brother have to vend for themselves after their depressed mum goes off to Spain with her new boyfriend. Lily is struggling looking after 3 kids. They have to cope through a lot of hassle including: trying to keep the teachers and police from discovering them and a ring leftover food from park benches. Any book red er should most certainly read this.

Love this book!

13 Hetty Feather

I love this book. It includes loads of drama and once I picked it up I most certainly could not put it down. It is the first of a Jacqueline Wilson book series and it is very lively, unique and entertaining. They have also created a show on cbbc after this book. Love it!

This should be higher because to be honest this series was actually really good, I don't like this author but this was a good series - pjo

14 Cookie V 1 Comment
15 Rent a Bridesmaid
16 Little Stars V 1 Comment
17 The Illustrated Mum

To be honest I didn't really like this book very much - pjo

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