Best Jak and Daxter Characters

In the wild dog Jak and Daxter, who is the greatest character of them all.
The Top Ten
1 Jak

Jak is the greatest hero in the whole Jak series, so its only fitting that he is the greatest character in the series. I mean, it isn't called Sig and Daxter! Wait a minute...

2 Daxter

Well makes you laugh and had his own game without Jak

Funniest character in the series.

3 Sig

Has good alternatives fight what happens is that it is not just that the best and will be very well complimented

4 Samos Hagai
5 Ashelin Praxis
6 Keira Hagai
7 Tess

She’s adorable.

8 Torn
9 Damas
10 Erol
The Contenders
11 Vin

The nerd that became a computer (in a way)

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