Top Ten Jak X: Combat Racing Characters

This game was brutal the best of the series, there is nothing more people playing that X is the best, here the best characters to make them run

The Top Ten

1 Jak
2 Ratchet

Everyone said they wanted to Ratchet Jak in a fight against that evil, not will see in a fight if not a career well

3 Daxter

Jak's friend runs well, good almost always runs beside jak but that's in the Gamepaly Mode, if you put in Freerun Mode you use The only

4 Clank Clank Clank is one of the titular protagonist game characters in the Ratchet & Clank video game series by Insomniac Games.

Ratchet's friend does not run very well, the story goes with Ratchet if you know you only want to use it in Freerun Mode

5 Ashelin

The warrior of the game runs pretty well

6 G.T. Blitz

Looks stupid but has nice cars

7 Krew

Very heavy, so do not run fast

8 Kaeden
9 Keira

Jak kissing with many women throughout the series, but she is his ideal woman

10 Mirzo

It's nice but not favorite for running

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