Top Ten James Bond Movie Fight Sequences

The Top Ten

1 007 vs. Alec Trevelyan

Two Double-Oh agents engaging in hardcore fisticuffs to the death can mean only one thing- PERFECTION!

It may have been tedious at times,but everyone remembers that drop

2 007 vs. Donald Grant

A classic cinematic battle, tried and true! Incredibly gritty and nail-biting!

3 007 vs. Peter Franks

A fight this tense in an enclosed elevator? Yes please!

4 007 vs. Beirut nightclub thugs

Roger Moore's most ruthless display of Bond's fisticuffs! What a fight!

5 007 vs. Obanno

Daniel Craig proves his true grit with this electrifying stairwell battle royale!

6 007 vs. Dominic Greene

Perhaps not the most intense battle in terms of fisticuffs, but given the literally explosive environment in which it takes place, how could you not like this one?!

7 007 vs. Osato's Driver

Using a couch as a battering ram? I do believe so! Not to mention taking down the baddie with a statue!

8 007 vs. Emilio Largo

Just another splendid example of Sean Connery's Malicious fisticuffs! Shout-out to kicking one goon literally off the ship!

9 007 vs. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Of course, this fight refers to the bobsled climax in On Her Majesty's Secret Service! Quite magnifying indeed!

10 007 vs. Draco's Thug

This hotel room tussel is probably the only example of a logical reason to want George Lazenby to stay on in the role of Bond!

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