Best James Labrie Vocal Performances

James is my favorite singer of all time for a reason.

The Top Ten

1 A Change of Seasons
2 The Count of Tuscany

All of the sustains... - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

3 Trial of Tears
4 Build Me Up, Break Me Down

Not an amazing song overall, but damn, those screams in the chorus are so hard to pull off. - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

5 In the Name of God

Amazing song, one of my favorites from them. What makes this one so much better is the screaming at the 7:18 mark. Not as hard as BMUBMD, but still very difficult. - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

6 Learning to Live

Also features a very good keyboard performance. What makes this so great are the two screams; especially the second one at the 6:57 mark. - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

7 Octavarium

The scream in the “Intervals” segment is what makes this so great. - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

8 Blind Faith

So melodic. I love it! - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

9 The Dance of Eternity

I had to put this here. I think you know why, LOL. - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

10 The Glass Prison

I put the Glass Prison at the bottom by accident. I meant to put TDOE at the bottom as a joke. - SixDegreesOfInnerTurbulence

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