Best Japanese Pokemon Opening Theme Songs

The best opening theme songs from the japanese version of the Pokemon anime. Again, it was difficult deciding what songs should go where. They’re all so awesome!

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1 Getta BanBan (Mad-Paced Getter) Getta BanBan (Mad-Paced Getter)

My new favorite! I've been stuck on this song for the past three days, but that's ok because it makes me so happy!

Most overrated Pokemon song. Even the Englsh diamond and pearl was better than this


Great! I love how they snuck in some Pokemon move puns! - Absolite

This song captures Pokemon XYZ Season perfectly. Fast paced, energetic, showing off Ash-Greninja's Battle Bond.

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3 Hai Tacchi! (High Touch!) Hai Tacchi! (High Touch!)

Love this one! Especially because the lyrics talk about Ash and Dawn's great friendship.

Best Pearlshipping hint. And really shows that Ash and Dawn have a bond like no other - Jackster

4 Boruto (V/Volt) Boruto (V/Volt)
5 Adobansu Adobencha (Advance Adventure) Adobansu Adobencha (Advance Adventure)

For some reason, I think of white beaches, blue skies, and crystal clear water.

6 Batoru Furontia (Battle Frontier) Batoru Furontia (Battle Frontier)
7 Saiko - Everyday! (The Greatest - Everyday!) Saiko - Everyday! (The Greatest - Everyday!)
8 Natsumeku Sakamichi (Summerly Slope) Natsumeku Sakamichi (Summerly Slope)
9 Issho (Together) Issho (Together)
10 Arōra!! (Alola!!) Arōra!! (Alola!!)

It's so fun and cute! And Ash's Japanese va sings it!

The Contenders

11 Yajirushi ni Natte! (Be an Arrow!) Yajirushi ni Natte! (Be an Arrow!)
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