Things about x-japan's topping the lists isnt right (and shocking)

look at every japanese rock list like:
japanese rock bands
japanese rock drummers
japanese guitarists
male singer in japan
japanese rock songs

in the music list like:
best drummer of all time
fastest drum soloists
best rock drummer

its all about them

if you feel that many bands are better than them, put out ur votes to other artists that u like. i'm so surprised that i rate my favorite bands more "cooler", and have the rock feel more than x-japan which isnt right. it is like voting jonas brothers at the top of every music list. i honestly put my favorite bands on the lists with a certain limitation

japanese bands that i feel that are better than them:
D'ERLANGER - more metal sound
L'Arc~en~Ciel - more beautiful music
LUNA SEA - more beautiful voice
DEAD END - more unique sound

yoshiki hayashi is the best drummer in all aspects? i doubt it
toshimitsu deyama s the best singer? i find it very annoying

they are known to forums, but this is too much